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Salon Today Features 5 Minerva Design Styles

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If you’re having trouble making decisions about your salon’s style and décor, then we have some good news for you! Salon Today has put together an informative article breaking down five of our most popular salon styles and the elements that make each one unique. The article includes detailed descriptions of all five styles, Minerva Beauty furniture to complement each aesthetic, pictures of salons for décor inspiration, and so much more!

Click here to check out Salon Today’s article.

Whether you’re looking to put the finishing touch on your space or embarking on a total renovation, honing in on an interior style can help focus your décor efforts. Check out all of our most popular interior design styles as well as a sampling of Minerva product pairings to help you create the salon, barbershop, or spa of your dreams!

MODERN (featured in Salon Today!)

Simple and unadorned, modern is a minimalist style rooted in a preference for asymmetry and strong angular lines. Lacking unnecessary embellishment, modern interiors tend to lean towards being practical rather than ornamental with an absence of decoration. Although sparse in appearance, modern has a flair for eye catching details such as abstract wall art, a bold décor piece, or a pop of color against an otherwise neutral backdrop.

Click here to view modern salon and spa furnishings.

RUSTIC (featured in Salon Today!)

Rustic design is a timeless style known for being simplistic, warm, and inviting. With primitive furnishings and an overall refined elegance, rustic interiors are primarily influenced by natural surroundings and draw the outdoors in with an aesthetically pleasing mixture of weathered finishes and rough, worn-in textures. Décor is generally kept at a minimum, as rustic design values simplicity and functionality over a show of beauty. Think quality over quantity.

Click here to view rustic salon and spa furnishings.

GLAM (featured in Salon Today!)

Elegant to its core, glam is a classic style which teeters on the edge of under and overstated. With stylistic roots of Old Hollywood and Art Deco, glamorous interiors are full of classic furnishings and ornate details. Sparse in decoration, everything is decidedly purposeful yet exudes a sense of luxury. Plush furniture, light-catching surfaces, and tastefully glitzy accessories create an overall graceful ambiance.

Click here to view glam salon and spa furnishings.

MINIMAL (featured in Salon Today!)

Minimal is a “less is more” approach to design that is all about paring things down to the basics. Ridding unnecessary embellishment to create a sleek and sophisticated environment, every detail has a purpose, whether it is for aesthetic or for function. With clean lines and large open spaces dominating minimal style, strategic use of materials is needed to implement visual interest, texture, and personality.

Click here to view minimal salon and spa furnishings.

TRADITIONAL (featured in Salon Today!)

Traditional is a design style all about classic elegance inspired by 18th and 19th century European decor. Symmetry is a defining element within traditional design as a calm, orderly aesthetic is desired. While simplistic in form, furnishings are typically elaborate in detail, adorned in decorative things like tufting or piping and sporting intricate wood carvings. Patterns are very present in décor. Florals and damasks, stripes and plaids, paisleys and chinoiserie prints are all classic staples of the style, and are often mixed together.

Click here to view traditional salon and spa furnishings.


Beginning in the 20th century, specifically the years immediately following the Second World War, Mid Century Modern became a popular design style which is still showing its influence in many interiors around the world today. Decidedly understated, Mid Century is a style which favors function over form, clean lines, organic curves, mix-and-match materials, and multifunctional designs.

Click here to view mid century salon and spa furnishings.


French country is a design style inspired by none other than the actual French countryside, specifically Provence. French interiors can be over-the-top and extremely ornate, but Provencal homes are more relaxed, distressed and subdued. Creating a balance between natural and elegant, French country interiors are famous for their soft and feminine appearance.

Click here to view French country salon and spa furnishings.


When you hear the word coastal, you might think seashells, anchors, and all the kitschy things you associate with the beach, but coastal design is not the same thing as nautical. Taking its cues from the natural environment, coastal in its simplest definition exudes a beachy essence which makes an interior feel like summer year-round. Through the use of natural light, soft tones, and a bright, clean aesthetic, coastal has a decidedly cheerful flair that’s hard not to appreciate.

Click here to view coastal salon and spa furnishings.


True to its name, industrial is an aesthetic movement inspired by old factories and industrial warehouse spaces. Celebrating the working parts of a building, industrial interiors do not shy away from weight and roughness, rather embracing the worn, recycled and salvaged. Spaces with an industrial flair often emphasize elements such as beams, columns, pipes, ducts and flanges whenever possible.

Click here to view industrial salon and spa furnishings.


Eclectic is a mix and match combination of several design styles which is brought together through unifying elements of color, pattern, texture, and shape. While elements may not necessarily go together—a cohesive whole is achieved with a deliberate use of materials and items. The sky is the limit, but eclectic it is not an anything-can-go kind of style. It should be a carefully thought-out celebration of contrasts which merges several different styles into one seamless design. Mix old and new, serious and whimsical, antique and contemporary. Mixing unique styles into one cohesive look is what eclectic is all about.

Click here to view eclectic salon and spa furnishings.

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