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The Guide to Creating the Perfect Minimalist Salon

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The minimalist style and practice is very trendy right now, and it's actually an aesthetic that will be popular for years to come, which is why we can totally get behind seeing this method in salons everywhere. Minimalism is also very conducive for salons that need to maximize their space while also creating a visually appealing aesthetic. 

If you haven’t heard of minimalism before, it’s the practice of living with only the things you need. Design-wise, it translates to using few colors and minimal elements to create something that is still visually impactful. When you think of minimalism, you may see a salon that looks very bare-bones without decor or any bold colors, which is partly what minimalism is about. But if you're someone who likes your salon to have bright hues and vibrant decor, don't worry! You can still embrace minimalism while weaving in the colors and the decor that you love most. And we will show you how!

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Is Minimalism Right for Your Salon?

Before we talk about how to give your salon a more minimalist vibe, ask yourself these questions to see how these techniques will apply to your salon. 

  • How far is my salon away from being considered minimalist right now? 
  • What colors are most prominent in my salon? And could I realistically narrow those colors down to two? 
  • Do I have a lot of clutter in the salon? 
  • Am I in need of new salon equipment?
  • How could minimalism benefit my salon? 
  • What are the main reasons I want to have a salon that has more of a minimalist style?
  • Are my stylists and other personnel on board with minimalism? 

Declutter and Organize

If you are turning to minimalism with the hopes of decluttering your salon and operating with only the essentials, you will need to start by identifying the clutter and removing or consolidating it. And, yes, we are talking about the clutter in the supply cabinet and within the salon station storage cabinets, too. Removing all of your salon’s clutter is the first step in adopting more minimalist tendencies. As you declutter, you may need to boost your storage and organization options to keep everything tidy. 

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Minimalist Styling Stations

Standardize your salon stations so that they all look the same, which will aid in creating a minimalist look and feel. When shopping for stations and salon chairs, choose a neutral color like black or gray and opt for a more modern design. To minimize the appearance of color and streamline your salon’s look, you will want to choose stations that have hidden storage instead of shelving that makes everything visible. Salon stations that have cabinets where you can store all of the products and supplies out of sight will look more minimalist. 

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Unify Your Salon with Color

One way that you can quickly give a salon a more minimalist look is by identifying your salon’s most prominent colors and bringing it down a couple of notches. If you find that your salon is made up of many different colors, we suggest repainting your salon — white, gray, black or beige. These neutral colors will assist you in creating a minimalist style, but just because we're opting for neutral colors here, it doesn't mean that you can’t incorporate other colors down the line. With a minimalist style, you can choose another accent color that you can weave into the decor and other elements of the design of your salon. 

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Reorganize Retail Displays

If you sell a line of products at your salon, you will want to make sure that the shelving and products are neatly assembled. If you want to take it one step closer to minimalism, only keep one product on the shelf and then keep all of your other products ready for sale in a supply cabinet. One product on the shelf might seem extreme, but it actually looks sharp, creates impact and your clients may even be more intrigued to walk over and check it out than they would be if they were overwhelmed by hundreds of products. 

Streamline Your Waiting Area

Similar to how you are looking at the rest of your salon, you will also need to modernize and minimize your waiting and reception area. Make sure that clients have a clean and clutter-free place to wait and check out. You could enhance your waiting area with comfortable and modern reception area furniture.

Whether you're going for a full minimalist look and practice for your salon or you just want to incorporate more organizational techniques and streamline the look of your business, these techniques can help you achieve a posh-looking — and well-running — salon. Minerva Beauty also has a curated list of minimalist products we believe can help you achieve the look you're going for!

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