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Trending Now: '70s Retro Salon Interior Design

retro 70s style

The Bohemian has influenced fashion in such a strong manner - think Anthropologie. This, of course, influences the spaces we live and work in. This style blends generations together. The younger generations look to their grandparents and wonder if they can pillage their closets for vintage treasures. This movement encapsulates the 70’s or retro style. Among the elements that pervade this style are warm colors, organic and geometric forms, foliage, woven textures, and layers.

Retro Interior Design Trend

Movement created by graphic elements adds a layer of playfulness in the retro looks. Take the Aviator Nation brand of clothing for example (pictured above). There is a warm toned rainbow in all their pieces that slims the profile. This draws the tween and teen generation in.

Think about the client who brings their little girl into your salon for her first hair appointment. It is so fun to be a part of a person finding their sense of style. Your whimsical salon can be the perfect setting for this new chapter. Salons and spas have incorporated this strong graphic element to celebrate the nostalgic nod to the 70’s. Check out a few salons below that have embraced the trending retro interior design style as well as the salon equipment and furnishings they chose to create a groovy space.

Library Curved Interior Design The rattan hanging pendants and plants hanging from the ceiling draw the eye to the bold warm rainbow stripe playing through the salon shampoo area. The Montego Brushed Nickel Pedestal Shampoo System and Alluvia Premium Auto Recline Chair in camel function well in the space where whimsy rules this salon’s style.
Salon Interior Design The traveling stripes elongating this cozy salon is fun along with the cheetah animal print accent. The owner is telling the world this salon is for “girls who just want to have fun!” The Churchill Salon Styling Chair can take you back to the first recliner you may have had in your home in the 70’s with its striped piping pattern along the front and back. Also shown is the Aluminum Mobile Service Tray which completes each stylists zone for flexible, easy, and mobile working function.

Retro Interior Design Trend

Along with a strong graphic piece there are other ways of bringing out the popular bohemian salon interior design. Woven textures and plant elements can add that relaxed style to spaces. This salon space has strong layer elements to add dimension to each separate function. The shampoo area is separated with a warm coral room where the cashmere Avant Shampoo Systems are placed with a handy rattan ottoman for additional comfort. The Venturi Styling Chairs shown in cashmere complement the airy plants and décor. The Nouveau Styling Station supports these zones with clean elegance. The Medusa infrared color processor is a statement piece with graphic whimsy and function.

The Bohemian retro salon design movement is fun and appeals to multiple generations. It is characterized by warm colors that can be offset with a cool component. There are strong organic or geometric forms in retro style. Layers, foliage, and woven textures soften these spaces and add the human touch. Colors in the Minerva line of salon equipment such as camel, cashmere, and saddle all compliment this style movement.

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