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Visual Merchandising: 8 Great Hair Product Display Ideas

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Are you pulling your hair out trying to increase product sales and retail revenue at your salon or barbershop? 

You’re not alone. Moving products off your retail shelves is a difficult task for any salon. However, there are many ways to improve on retail sales, as well as incorporate products into your services and your salon in a more optimized and organic way. 

The way you position your retail products in your salon has a lot to do with how successful you are in selling them. There is a lot more to visual merchandising than just arranging retail displays

What Is Visual Merchandising and Why Is It Important? 

Have you ever walked into a store and noticed a product that jumped off the shelf to you? Retail spaces and salons use visual merchandising best practices to make products more appealing and attractive to shoppers by positioning products a certain way or including them in specific places. Effective visual merchandising influences and drives shoppers to make a sale, and it can work for salons, too! However, ineffective visual merchandising can mean slow sales and an abundance of expired or non-purchased products for salons and shops. 

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Visual Merchandising Tips for Salons

If you want to boost product sales, implement these visual merchandising tips that were made specifically for salons. You may notice that your new visual merchandising approach may have products flying off the shelf or they may require a little patience and customer education.

1. Determine Product Merchandising Goals 

Do you know how much product you would like to sell per month or are you just aimlessly trying to move your retail off the shelves? If you want to achieve higher product revenue, it’s important to set goals that are attainable and realistic. Let’s say you’re currently selling around $200 in products per month, but you would ideally like to be making $1,000. Creating a goal of $1,000 in retail sales a month puts a lot of pressure on you and your team. A more realistic goal would be to increase revenue by a few hundred to achieve $500 in product sales. Not only will setting goals keep you motivated, but it’s also a great way to compare your progress as you implement visual merchandising best practices. 

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2. Revamp Your Retail Space 

Where are your products currently stored and showcased? If you are finding that customers aren’t attracted to your products or they aren’t purchasing them, it may be time to revamp the space. Using a salon reception desk as a place to put products can be a great idea if it doesn’t cause too much clutter. However, your products should have their own dedicated space. Is this space easily identifiable to your clients? Here are a few ways to position products in a new way and revamp the retail space: 

  • Use floating wall shelves instead of standalone, bulky shelves. 
  • Give retail products their own, dedicated space close to checkout. 
  • Make sure the shelves are clean, neat and tidy at all times. If you plan on adding props to your retail displays (like plants or holiday-themed decor), make sure you leave enough space between items.
  • Make products convenient to touch and reach. 

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3. Make Products Accessible 

In order to sell products, you want them to be as accessible as possible. This means putting products at eye level and within reach for clients so that they will easily see them and be able to pick them up and interact with them, if necessary.

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4. Use Light to Draw Attention 

Lighting can be a powerful tool when it comes to selling your retail products. You can use spotlights that come from your salon’s ceiling or light the bottom of your shelves to create emphasis. You can even use decorations like neon lights to draw attention to the products when clients check-in or out. 

5. Make Prices and Product Info Visible 

If your product prices or descriptions aren’t visible, you’re probably losing out on potential sales. Clients want to be able to make a decision about a product on their own, which is impossible if a price tag isn’t present. Rather than asking the receptionist or stylist about the price, customers will forgo the product altogether. You can create cute placards and price signs with product descriptions and ingredients on them. This hack alone has the power to drive more sales. 

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6. Provide Testers or Samples 

One way you can get clients to try your products is by providing testers and samples. Wherever your products are displayed, place signage letting customers know that they can request samples. 

7. Leverage Signage to Drive Sales 

If you have regular product sales or promotions, use signs in your retail area to promote them and drive sales. Keep all signage up-to-date and use enticing language.

8. Strategically Place Products at Salon Stations 

It takes a consumer seven times to see something and then register that they need it. While clients are sitting at salon stations, it’s a great way to expose them to products. You can introduce your clients to your products every step of the way from check-in to checkout so that they will be looking for the product after their service. 

Get ready to have products fly off the shelves with these visual merchandising tips.

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