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World Chocolate Day

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Occurring globally on July 7th, World Chocolate Day is an annual celebration of what is arguably mankind’s greatest culinary invention to date. As society’s favorite flavor, we think chocolate is well-deserving of a day of honor. What better way to celebrate the sweet occasion (pun intended) than by enticing you with three decadent mood boards featuring Minerva Beauty equipment in rich shades of milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate?

Delve into the chocolatey goodness and be sure to peek at all the chocolate-hued salon, spa, and barbershop equipment that Minerva has to offer. From luxury vinyl seating in chocolate-inspired shades of Mocha, Bark, Camel, Ivory, and Alpine White, to solid hardwood styling stations in white and reclaimed wood—we have just the look to showcase your tastes (tastebuds and decor tastes, mind you) in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Featured "Milk Chocolate" products:

Aviator Salon Styling Chair in Camel

Bradham Styling Station in Distressed White

Featured "Dark Chocolate" products:

Exodus Single Sided Styling Station in Distressed Wood and Steel

Elogy Mobile Stylist Color Cart in Brown & Black

Hashima Shampoo System with White Bowl in Mocha

Featured "White Chocolate" products:

Aria Salon Styling Chair in Ivory

Genesis Single Sided Styling Station in Arctic White

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