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Zodiac Salon Interior Design: Aquarius Season

Aquarius Salon Interior Design

Today, we leave behind the orderly and practical season of Capricorn, and dive headfirst into the rebellious, progressive, and creative season of Aquarius. Ruled by Uranus, the planet of liberation, innovation, and freedom, this eccentric air sign isn’t afraid to color outside of the lines and every aspect of their life embraces the bold, bright, unique and unconventional – especially when it comes to their personal style and interior design.

An ideal salon space for an Aquarius features an open floorplan design for this open-minded sign styled with quirky, out-of-the-box items, abstract pieces, bright colors, and décor that is dynamic and diverse. Aquarians are free-thinkers that need a creative space where their ideas can flow, so cluttered, cramped, closed and cage-like spaces should be avoided at all costs. This innovative air sign’s salon should be a perfect balance of cozy and chaotic. Include salon chairs, like the Aria, with unique geometric form designed with comfortable high-density foam with memory. A collection of unique figurines, shiny disco balls, and whimsical trinkets displayed in an organized fashion on styling stations and storage shelves throughout the salon. Rainbow wall murals and eclectic art pieces that thoughtfully work together and paint a picture. Abstract and eye-catching light fixtures balanced with large windows that pour in relaxing, natural light.

Room décor is an extension of one’s personality, so in order to get in the mindset of designing like the confident Aquarius, be bold and don’t hold back. Interested in seeing an Aquarius’ salon oasis? Check out a few salons we’ve found with the interior design that perfectly exudes an Aquarius’s energetic vibe.

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