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Zodiac Salon Interior Design: Scorpio Season

Scorpio Salon Interior Design

Who said skulls and spooky décor is only for Halloween? Today marks the start of Scorpio season, and this sign embraces all things dark and mysterious year-round. Ruled by Pluto, the planet associated with the underworld, death and rebirth, Scorpios are known to be discreet, creative, mysterious, and bold in every aspect of their life – especially when it comes to their personal style and interior design.

An ideal salon space for a Scorpio features a practical, clean-cut design that ventures into darkness. This water sign is the first of the zodiac to not only embrace the reality of death, but also incorporate the gothic style and décor elements inspired by Hades himself into their interior design. Opposite of the previous happy and cheer style of Libra, a Scorpio-styled salon leans on fear with dark and mysterious colors on the walls (preferably black), desiring only the flickering flame of candles on a candelabra to dimly light their cave-like moody salon space hideout. For design elements, a Scorpio would decorate their salon with accents of spooky skulls, vintage mirrors, dead roses in vases, gargoyles in the corner, framed pictures of ravens, an occasional cobweb...etc.

To get in the mindset of designing a salon interior like a Scorpio, ask yourself – Would a vampire live here? If the answer is yes, then you’re headed in the right direction. Interested in seeing a Scorpio’s salon oasis? Check out a few salons we’ve found with edgy interior style designed with gothic décor elements to outfit the realm of a Scorpio.

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