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Zodiac Salon Interior Design: Virgo Season

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As we leave the bold and boisterous season of Leo, we welcome the logical, modest, and responsible season of Virgo. Virgos are known to be practical perfectionists, and their personal style and interior design reflects that.

An ideal salon space for a Virgo features a straightforward design that is simple, classic, clean, and organized. Rooted in logic and reason, a Virgo styled salon should be the opposite of eccentric and unusual, but rather a calm, open space that cultivates sound thinking through symmetrical, harmonious design. As an earth sign, the space should embrace earth tones and neutral colors with décor that is detail-oriented and collected - absolutely no clutter or loud colors in sight.

From the salon chair color and styling station finish to the minimal wall artwork and plant décor, every element of an ideal Virgo salon serves a particular purpose, placement, and function to create feng shui perfection for this sign. Interested in seeing a Virgos salon oasis? Check out a few salons we’ve found with interior style and design that radiates Virgo vibes!

Corsa Salon Styling Chair Corsa Styling Chair in Camel | Freija Collective Salon
Avant Shampoo System Avant Shampoo System in Gray | Kate Kandel Salon
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