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Equipro Aeroderm Vacuum Spray Machine


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The Equipro Aeroderm Vacuum Spray Machine is a great multi-purpose tool that helps estheticians professionally treat the skin of their clients. The gentle, yet powerful vacuum on this compact model effectively clears pores of dirt and oil to prep the skin for further treatment while also stimulating blood flow to the skin, helping to improve the overall appearance. After the pores have been vacuumed, the spray jet vaporizer thoroughly cleanses the skin. It may also be used during the facial to help remove cleansers or exfoliation cream residue from the skin. The pulverized, fine mist better penetrates the pores. This vacuum and spray facial machine includes one anti-wrinkle, one blackhead removal and one facial massage cupping glass.

  • compact model
  • combines pulverization and vacuum
  • 1 spray jet vaporizer
  • 1 additional plastic bottle, 2 plastic tubes, 1 glass tube adaptor
  • includes 3 glasses tubes: 1 anti-wrinkle, 1 blackhead, 1 facial massage
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