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Equipro Divine Electric Massage Table

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The Equipro Divine Massage Table is a treat for both the esthetician and the client with its sturdy build and comfortable design. Covered in ultra-durable vinyl, the Divine Massage Table features four padded cushions for exceptional comfort, electric height adjustment (from 22"to 39" with silent operation, and manual adjustments for the backrest and footrest. The included crescent shape headrest, regular headrest, armrest and neck bolster can also be adjusted. Whether the client is getting a facial, depilation, electrolysis, or other therapeutic treatment, this multi-purpose table has the flexibility to be adjusted to a seated, partially reclined or fully reclined position.

  • Multi-Purpose Spa Treatment Table
  • Ideal for Facial Treatment, Therapeutic Massage, Depilation and Body Care
  • Electric height adjustment from 22" to 39" (56cm to 99cm)
  • Backrest and footrest manual adjustments
  • Adjustable Crescent Shaped Headrest, Regular Headrest, Armrest and Neck Bolster Included
  • 4 Cushions for Added Comfort

Silent Operation

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