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EyeVac EVPro Exhaust Filter

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The filters for the Eye-Vac Professional are designed to last the lifetime of your Eye-Vac. As users, we understand that sometimes filters become accidentally damaged, therefore, we offer EyeVac EV Pro Exhaust Filter replacements for your convenience. The filters ensure the dust and debris do not reach vital components of the machine, as well as return clean air to the environment. To clean, simply use a soft brush to clean away excess particles, then wash gently with water and mild soap. Let sit 24 hours to dry completely and reinsert into the unit. Do not soak in water. Available in Black and White.

  • Washable / Lifetime Filter
  • Securely fits in the side of your Eye-Vac
  • Multi-layer filtration
  • Ensures clean air leaves your Eye-Vac
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