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J&A Empress GT Pedicure Spa

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This upgrade only includes piping and inlets. Any real ventilation (forced air) that is required or desired must be properly installed by a licensed air specialist.

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The Empress GT Pedicure Spa Chair delivers a top-of-industry spa experience with its compact and sophisticated design, form, and functionality. The Empress GT features a diamond-quilted, easy-to-replace leather chair cover to keep your spa looking modern and fresh with seasonal colors, full-body Shiatsu massage with built-in remote and USB charging port for clients as well as spa controls and a separate chair remote on the base for the nail technician's functionality and ease. This luxurious pedicure spa further impresses with satin-finished wood armrests that can be moved up and down, folding manicure tray tables with built-in cup holders, large 4.5-gallon crack-resistant resin pedicure bowl with LED lighting, discrete dual function pull-out showerhead, and an adjustable footrest for pedicure precision and client comfort. See additional features and optional accessories for the Empress GT Pedicure Spa below:


Features & Accessories:

  • Spa Controls and Separate Chair Remote on Base for Technician's Ease.
  • Foldable Arm Trays with Cup Holders.
  • Replaceable Leather Chair Covers for Routine Spa Refresh.
  • The optional discharge pump provides a convenient way to drain your spa after use without the need for plumbing.
  • LED Lights in Bowl and on Base.
  • Crack-resistant Resin Bowl for Foot Basin
  • The optional autofill feature makes it easy to maintain the water level in your spa ensuring optimal performance and preventing accidental overfills.
  • Discrete Pull-out Showerhead.
  • Adjustable Footrest for Pedicure Precision.
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