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MAG Shears "Chunk" Texturizing Shear

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MAG Shears began as a factory service company, and quickly noticed a lack of quality in design and production with many of the shears available to the professional stylist. After several years of development, MAG produced a line of shears offering concise model selection utilizing some of the highest quality steel in the world.

Chunk is one of the most popular scissors we have. It will remove from 10-60 % of the hair depending on how it is used. Chunk blends the hair perfectly and can also be used for slicing down through long hair. If used at an angle, it will remove as little as 10 % of the hair. It is also a must have addition to the fleet.

-V-10 Cobalt Alloy Steel
-Dual Split Tension Screw
-Semi-offset Ergo Thumb Handle
-Permanent Finger Rest
-Screw In Bumper
-Lifetime Warranty

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