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Rhino® The Meg 5'x6' Semi-Rectangle Double Sponge (7/8") Round Cut Out Anti-Fatigue Mat in Solid Black

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Rhino Salon Mats added a new variation to their Xtra-Flex line with The Meg Anti-Fatigue Mat (patent pending). This generously sized 5'x6' semi-rectangle salon mat features a circular chair base indention (27" diameter) surrounded by a 7/8" thick performance rated black vinyl surface permanently bonded to Rhino's specially formulated polymeric sponge base. The Meg has a 5 year performance guarantee and a 10 year life expectancy, providing the Rhino quality and comfort salon professionals can trust and depend on. Super resilient design, long-lasting durability, and professional-grade comfort are just a few of the many reasons stylists across the globe are choosing The Meg Anti-Fatigue Mat for their salon.

** Special order mats take 2-3 weeks in production and will be shipped directly from the manufacturer. Special order mats are non-returnable to Minerva Beauty, and may not be refunded by Minerva Beauty. The 1 year warranty is provided by Ranco Industries, and only applies to manufacturing defects. Please be certain about your mat choices before placing your order. If you have any questions, our Sales Team will be happy to assist you.

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