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SKU: Z-SV-13200

Sam Villa Classic Series 14-Tooth Point Cutting Shear 6"

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Transform your point cutting and create consistent, natural texture in less time with the Sam Villa Classic Series 14 Tooth Point Cutting Shear. Equipped with a traditional offset handle, the 14 teeth quickly remove weight while creating separation and negative space. Hair seamlessly slips along the blunt blade while the teeth cut, giving you beautiful soft texture with no notches or visible lines. Ergonomically designed with the teeth on the top and the blunt blade on the bottom, this shear allows for better body positions and reduced strain while cutting. Built to last, the 14 Tooth Point Cutting Shear features a ball bearing blade stabilizer that helps the blades last longer between sharpening and is equipped with polymer inlays in the pivots to prevent metal-on-metal wear - keeping your shear feeling like new for years to come. Achieve perfectly blended point-cutting texture with the Sam Villa Classic Series 14-Tooth Point Cutting Shear.

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