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SKU: Z-SV-13700

Sam Villa Classic Series Dry Cutting Shear 7"

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Experience smooth cutting, crisp lines, and ultimate control with the Sam Villa Classic Series Dry Cutting Shear. Equipped with longer, sharper, and harder blades, this shear delivers and elevated dry cutting experience. Made of Molybdenum Alloy that is cryogenically tempered at -300 F° for a stronger, more powerful edge, this versatile shear features a traditional offset handle, ergonomically sculpted finger and thumb rings, and perfectly balanced convex blades for dry cutting. These ultra-responsive shears glide easily through all hair types with no resistance or drag and are perfect for deep point cutting on longer hair, as the extra-long blades allow you to remove more weight from the interior. It's also an excellent tool for condensed cutting techniques, texturizing thick coarse hair, or for stylists who prefer a longer shear. Designed for maximum longevity, the convex blade and ball bearing blade stabilizer help the blades last longer between sharpening and extend the life of your tool. Polymer inlays in the pivots prevent metal-on-metal wear to keep your shear feeling like new for years to come. Enjoy classic design for modern hairstyling with the Sam Villa Classic Series Dry Cutting Shear.

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