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SKU: Z-SV-10300

Sam Villa InvisiBlend Shear

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What It Is: A blending and texturizing shear which allows you to slide out in any direction with zero drag or pull. What It Does: Extract weight without leaving lines! Our 23-tooth InvisiBlend Shear is perfect for point cutting and slide cutting with zero drag or pull. Dual finger rests allow for reversible cutting positions. What Else You Need To Know: For use by right handed stylists Ideal for point cutting, slide cutting and weight removal Extracts weight without leaving lines, offering seamless blending that delivers natural looking results 23 teeth with very sharp convex edges which allows you to slide out in any direction with zero drag or pull Dual finger rests allow you to flip the shear to get your body into a more comfortable cutting position Teflon lining in the pivot point eliminated metal on metal grinding and will extend the life of the shear Designed by Sam Villa for professional stylists Constructed from 100% Japanese molybdenum alloy
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