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Silken Wipes - 200 Count

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Trusted for over 20 years by estheticians, nail techs, massage therapists, and every hair, spa, and beauty professional alike, Intrinsics professional quality beauty supplies ensure spa results every time. Made with the highest quality materials, including US-grown cotton, they complement your luxurious facial products with a luscious feel and superior performance.

Designed to deliver the best results in each phase of a facial or other spa treatment, Silken Wipes are created from a soft blend of fibers that are non-linting, silky soft, and only slightly absorbent, so they won't soak up all the expensive skin care liquids during treatments. Ideal for softly applying toners and lotions, gently removing eye makeup, facial extractions, cleaning instruments, and more, these versatile non-woven wipes are excellent for all skin types and are used by top certified estheticians at renowned spas and salons all over the world.

  • Soft blend of fibers - won't soak up your expensive liquids
  • Only slightly absorbent, making this ideal for applying product to the skin
  • Ideal for applying cooling gels and creams after waxing services
  • Non-linting
  • Available in:
    • Petite: 2"x2", 200 ct. bag, 25 bags/case
    • Large: 4"x4", 200 ct. bag
  • Made in the USA
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