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8 Barber Station Ideas That Are Cool and Functional

wooden barber shop interior

Are you wanting to give your barbershop a unique look by shopping for barber stations or adding decor that elevates your shop’s aesthetic? If so, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will cover many ways that you can instantly elevate your barbershop through your barber stations. 

The appearance of your barbershop plays a big role in how your clients and people view your business, which is why it’s important to have a barbershop that looks great and accurately represents your goals and business values. 

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Determine Your Barbershop Aesthetic

Before we look at ways you can decorate your shop and whether or not you should be shopping for barber equipment, let’s help you determine which aesthetic best fits your barbershop. Understanding the current look of your shop and being able to compare it to the design you want to have will be very helpful as you read about ways to elevate your space. 

  • Industrial – Industrial barbershops use dark colors with stainless steel accents. For example, using barbershop mirrors with a stainless steel frame will give any shop a more industrial, masculine look. 
  • Traditional – More often than not, most barbershops follow a traditional look with vintage barber chairs and wood grain accents throughout the shop.  
  • Modern – Modern barbershops follow the design principles of minimalism and prioritize clean lines. These shops have sleek furniture and prioritize the best barber chairs
  • Mid-Century Modern – For a blend between traditional and ultra-modern, the mid-century modern aesthetic has total Mad Men vibes and feels edgy and cozy at the same time. 

Barber Station Ideas That Are Cool and Functional 

Now that you have an idea of where your barbershop fits in on the spectrum of aesthetics, let’s 

look at some of the instant ways you can elevate your barber stations.  

Wall Mounted Barber Stations Give a Luxe Look 

If you want to give your barbershop more of a modern and luxe look, try investing in wall mount barber stations. These stations not only come in a variety of modern and high-quality finishes, but they also make your shop look less cluttered. By opening up floor space and taking advantage of the walls in your shop, you can also create a floor plan and layout that works better for your clients and people. 

Make a Statement with Anti-Fatigue Mats 

Could your barbershop use some color or bold patterns? If so, you can always go shopping for anti-fatigue mats that boast a cool checkered pattern or bold color. This is an easy yet effective way to make your barber stations stand out and feel special. 

barber station

Go Portable to Save Space

If your shop is small but mighty, and needs to be adaptable throughout the day, we highly suggest investing in portable barber stations. Mobile barber stations allow you to be more flexible with your barbershop’s layout and floor plan, which means you can switch up your design at any time. 

Optimize Your Station for Organization 

Make organization a must at your barber stations. You can invest in storage cubbies or trolleys and carts that allow stations to look clean and organized. Organizing barber supplies at your barber station in an aesthetically pleasing way not only makes your entire shop look better but also makes it easier for barbers to do their jobs efficiently. 

Position Retail Products for Success

Do your barber stations have shelves that allow you to position your retail products? If so, leverage this space to highlight products that your clients love. This is a great way to help boost product sales, too. 

Display Trimmers and Other Supplies

Why hide your trimmers and tools when you can display them? Displaying trimmers in an organized way could look cool and it also makes it so much easier for the barber to access. 

Name and Social Media Plaques 

Personalize your barber stations with plaques that have your barbers’ names on them with their social media handles. This is a great way to get your clients involved with your shop on social media and it also gives your barbers a sense of ownership and pride over their station. 

Vintage Decor

Add Vintage Decor 

If your barbershop wants to pay homage to its roots, you can spruce up barber stations with photos, decor and other items that help tie in the design and history of your barbershop. A barber pole is a traditional barbershop piece that will bring in style with a historic twist.

Implement and adapt these design hacks to give your barbershop an entirely new feel. You can also ask your clients and people for feedback on how you can make your shop stand out. 

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