These salon stations have all the markings of timeless mid-century modern design

Are you obsessed with the mid-century modern (MCM) aesthetic? Don’t worry – we are, too! What’s not to love about an aesthetic that blends modern and contemporary design with classic accents and vintage touches?

Not only is this a popular aesthetic for homes and stores, but it has also become a highly desirable look for salons, spas and even barber shops. Whether you’re looking for inspiration on mid-century modern design for salons or ready to shop décor with this aesthetic, Minerva Beauty has a variety of mid-century modern salon equipment. Fill your Pinterest mood board with some of our favorite mid-century modern salon looks and design ideas!

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What Is Mid-Century Modern?

Before we get into the kinds of mid-century modern salon furniture you need, let’s learn more about the intricate details that make up the aesthetic. Mid-century modern design blends the past, present and future to create a look that seems very clean and modern while also paying homage to classic and vintage design aspects. The term was coined in 1984, but it’s an aesthetic that takes on new iterations and goes through waves of popularity with every new generation. 

The following characteristics define mid-century modern interior design: 

  • Large Windows – The mid-century aesthetic believes in blending interior and exterior worlds through large windows that let in natural light. 
  • Natural, Exposed Building Materials – Mid-century modern design prioritizes exposed wood, steel and different types of stones. 
  • Minimalism – Mid-century modern design believes that form should follow function, which often means that minimalism is centered by having clean, geometric lines and little to no décor or clutter. 
  • Geometric Shapes – When it comes to mid-century modern furniture, you will see lots of geometric shapes and natural wood finishes.
  • Pairing Neutral & Bold Colors – Following the minimalist aesthetic, the mid-century modern design prioritizes neutrals, but it thoughtfully weaves in bright colors in statement pieces like chairs and couches. 
  • Plants – Since the mid-century modern design likes to blend interior and exterior, you will always find plants in mid-century modern spaces. 
mid century modern salon styling chairs with matching mirrors, styling stations, and trays

Adding mid-century design appeal to your salon or spa starts with the right color palette

How to Use Mid Century Interior Design in Your Salon

If you are ready to give your salon the mid-century modern makeover you’re dreaming of, learn how colors, furniture and décor can instantly change the look and feel of your space. 

Start with a Mid-Century Modern Color Palette 

As mentioned above, this aesthetic prioritizes neutral colors with fun pops of color here and there. Some of the most popular mid-century modern colors are gray, beige, navy, orange, mustard and burgundy. We suggest painting your walls a neutral beige or gray and then sprinkling the other colors sparingly around the salon. 

Another way to go back to the Mid Century Modern era in your salon is to celebrate its combining of neutral color with muted pop tones. Cream or gray colors are paired with rust or avocado colors. The color teal is brought in on a walnut and cream interior. The pop should remain as an accent to the neutral palette.

mid century modern color palette

Adding mid-century design appeal to your salon or spa starts with the right color palette

In the salon environment, these colors can be implemented in many different ways including the vinyl color of a salon chair, the stained finish on a styling station, a colorful wall mural, salon plant decor, brushed gold stylists tray…etc. 

mid-century modern inspired hair salon with neutral wood tones and pops of color

Prado Styling Chair in a neutral camel color up against all the reclaimed wood and white walls. This salon chair's circular design fits the mid century feel with vintage appeal.

mid-century modern decor including wood accents, pendant bubble light and colorful geometric area rug

A peek into this salon shows us the brilliant In this salon's retail and reception area, the pop of color can be found in the teal reception couch and yellow waiting chair with angular legs.