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A Guide to the Grandmillennial Salon Interior Design Trend

A Guide to the Grandmillennial Salon Interior Design Trend

In the world of salon and spa interior design, style has taken a nostalgic turn towards the cozy home of grandparents. The place where patterns are celebrated, and textures are mixed. Grandma’s, where nooks are inviting, and smells are enticing. Grandma’s, where plants are many, and curves blend with straight lines. Every table has an accent and all the walls are adorned with molding or wallcoverings. It is generally a place where you know love blooms because every item is treasured there. Maybe the pandemic and working from home made one crave a cozy inviting interior. All in all, the result is chic. Sometimes referred to as “granny-chic”, Grandmillennial style and décor combines traditional, homey pieces with modern elements.

You may be asking yourself, how do I achieve this Grandmillennial style in my salon, spa, or barbershop? There are definitely a few key features to keep in mind. Warm woods in cherry and walnut tones that appear to enhance as in moldings, picture moldings, and furnishings can be found. Selecting salon furniture pieces that are classic in design celebrating the sculpted and turned woods (Minerva’s French Provincial Collection featuring salon equipment designs with elements of classic French furniture such as cabriole legs, simply scalloped handmade carvings, and an antique finishing process is a great way to incorporate Grandmillennial styled furnishings in your salon. We’ll cover more examples throughout the piece). Upcycled pieces in art and furniture for instance a recliner or antique light can be found, thus celebrating the vintage. Pattern mixing such as florals applied to walls and gingham finishing the upholstered furniture. Antique brass and wicker allow for age and time to make an appearance.

The Grandmillennial style of today embraces the 1950 and mid-century classics while holding onto the modern era of restraint. Continue on as we dive into each of these key features of granny-chic interior design, and explore examples of Minerva furnishings and lifestyle salon pictures that embody Grandmillennial style.

Sculpted Warm Woods

The Rabun 3 tier Retail Display has a chic walnut finish that nicely highlights hair products you want to celebrate, support, and have flying off the shelves.
The wooden circular salon mirror so casually gives this client a view, and the details of the Kona Salon Styling Chair’s curved wooden panels adds warmth to the interior of this salon space.
The salon storage unit adjacent to the Cayman Shampoo Systems in Saddle provides compact storage while accenting the space and calling back to the midcentury. This piece is similar to the Gramercy Salon Styling Station from Minerva’s Loft Collection with its rounded edges and slats of oak. One would have to act fast, as it is a rare find now.
The Marseille Salon Styling Station in black is a strikingly timeless piece that would add refined functional elegance to any stylist’s zone in a hair salon. This Grandmillennial styled hair station is part of Minerva’s previously mentioned French Provincial Collection.
The cherry dentil molding layered with the crown and additional ornate embellishments turn up the volume on the architectural details bringing us back to the timeless classics that grace the grand-millennium style.


Treasuring the heirlooms is not only about respect, they propagate conservation. If we look at furniture from the past we see experimentation with woods. Turned, bent, carved into submission wooden case goods were anything but clean lined. Metals are ornate. Embellishments are prevalent.

This gorgeous living room is so layered and a great example of Grandmillennial décor. It has a beautifully preserved sidebar with turned legs and tassels in a deep cherry wood. The brass pendant and mirror have artful detail. This space also celebrates patterns with the floral wallcoverings encased in picture moldings. Several textures are richly mixed with rattan and fur lining the floors. The olive, gold, and black color palette is classic and sharp. This space is going to be referred to again under the other Grandmillennium Style markers as it is a chic example.
This console is repurposed as a bar, with so much pattern and detail. The legs are tapered and turned. There is fluting detail in the segments. The hardware is antique brass. It is a well preserved piece. Similarly, the Orléans Salon Styling Station has delicately tapered legs and antique brass hardware in the timeless Minerva French Provincial Collection.
In a salon, the hair styling chair where your client will land is super important. When thumbing through Minerva’s offerings, the Churchill Salon Styling Chair is clearly vintage automobile inspired with its classic leather pattern stitched in a tailored stripe. The colorways are in black, camel and espresso to fit well in most color palettes when trying to achieve Grandmillennial style.
The beautifully crafted salon mirrors with gold framing uniquely designate each hair stylist’s station complimenting the Aviator Salon Chairs in Spruce. It reflects the ornate details in metals of the past.


This cozy salon shampoo escape is charmingly graced with this Japanese inspired floral wall covering in dramatic dark undertones. The Avant Shampoo System in camel fits with ease in this space.
Surrounded by Venturi Salon Styling Chairs in camel, the gingham rug adds a cozy nod and draws one to the retail display center in this salon space.
The palms, floral wallpaper covering in this hair salon softens up the linear layout of the styling stations and Avant Salon Styling Chairs with low profile square bases, bringing in an element of whimsy and pattern. This beauty salon is a great example of achieving granny-chic style by balancing modern salon furnishings with cozy, homey decor.

Brass & Wicker

This lobby/waiting area is so playful and charming. The wicker chairs in white with their flower essence design are staged nicely against this dramatic foliage wallpaper covering. The pendant light with white shells and brass hardware draws the eye up to the tray ceiling with paint detail.
This teal bedside table in wicker with brass drawer pulls is a high texture complement to the boudoir.
The ornamental wicker pendant lights play peek-a-boo when one sits in this salon styling station. The Pissaro brass salon mirror is a polished feature to define the styling zone.
Wicker for an accessories table, maybe in a salon’s retail and reception area, is just a unique find, and unexpected.
The brass full length salon mirror shown here is similar to the Ravenel Full length Oval Salon Mirror by Minerva which adds a bejeweled chicness in form and function.

Although there are complicated layers that can be found in a granny chic interior born of years of collecting and treasure hunting, one can recreate the Grandmillennial style in their salon, spa, or barbershop with distinct elements. Embracing warm woods such as cherry and walnut in salon furniture pieces or trim work forming architectural details displays the love of craft. Antique or upcycled pieces are given into by focusing on sculpted and turned woods. Celebration of pattern by selecting floral and fauna elements or gingham in soft finishes such as wallpaper, upholstery, window coverings or accessories is an artful touch that adds complexity to space. Time is honored in the patina of brass or the imperfections in wicker creating an original feel that isn’t mass produced in accessories and furniture.

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