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Barbershop Equipment Checklist

Barbershop Checklist of furniture and equipment

If you’re in the process of opening a barbershop, men’s salon, or barber studio, we understand you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed. From business signage and licensing to cultivating your barbershop’s aesthetic and purchasing barber equipment, you have a lot on your plate to accomplish before the grand opening and understandably a few details and items may fall through the cracks. Don’t worry, Minerva Beauty is here to help. We’ve compiled a checklist of 14 barbershop supplies that are essential, but often overlooked, in the process of opening a barber business. Set your shop up for success and make sure you have these barber supply essentials before you checkout!

1. Barber Trolleys, Carts, & Trays

Carts and trolleys are vital to enhancing the day-to-day efficiency and functionality in a barbershop, hair salon, and spa setting, however, this item is often forgotten in the initial barber equipment purchase. Ensure your barbers, estheticians, hair stylists, and all beauty pros alike have the organization, flexibility, storage, and mobility they need to help your business succeed by purchasing functional barber trolleys and carts before opening day.

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2. Salon & Barber Anti-Fatigue Mats

Barbers spend most, if not all, of the day on their feet. Providing salon floor mats at each barber station reduces the discomfort and fatigue barbers are subject to from standing on a hard floor for an extended period of time. Check out a few of our many barber anti-fatigue mats that deliver high-quality performance, comfort, and design with every step.

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3. Barber Clippers, Cutting Shears, & Combs

Every artist needs the right tools to create their masterpiece. Ensure your barbers are fully equipped with the professional, high-quality tools and supplies they need to execute fresh fades, clean cuts, and straight-razor shaves with shear perfection. Minerva’s collection of barber tools features everything your shop needs to succeed including Caliber clippers and trimmers, Feather shaving razors, Whal Professional clippers, MAG shears, Sam Villa comb sets, cutting and blending shears, and so much more.

4. BARBICIDE® Products

While the EyeVac Dustpan has your barbershop floor covered, ensure your barber tools, such as shears, combs, and brushes, and surfaces are properly cleaned and sanitized with BARBICIDE®. Known worldwide as the ultimate product for EPA registered disinfection in salons, barbershops and spas, the iconic blue liquid is trusted and effective earning its reputation for creating a safe and clean shop. From traditionally styled glass disinfectant jars with the silver lids to disinfecting wipes, sprays, and concentrates, Minerva is your one stop shop for stocking up on BARBICIDE essentials before your barbershop’s grand opening.

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5. Partex Bleach Guard Barber Towels

From shampooing a client’s hair to providing a relaxing hot towel treatment, towels are essential to every service offered at the barbershop. It is important to ensure the towels at your shop are as luxurious and high-quality as the services you provide, which is why stocking up on Partex Bleach Guard Barber Towels is the way to go. This upscale, bleach-resistant, lightweight towel is tested, approved, and universally trusted by barbers and salon professionals across the globe, making it the ultimate suave towel for every barbershop.

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6. Hot Towel Cabinet

When opening a barbershop, finding unique ways to stand out from the rest of the competition, such as providing additional services that elevate the client experience, is key to setting your barber business up for success. Adding a luxurious hot towel treatment to your list of barber services or just simply offering clients a hot towel while they wait for their appointment is an easy and affordable way to attract and retain loyal customers. Make sure to browse and shop our collection of hot towel cabinets and UV sanitizers so your business is known as a barbershop of luxury from day one.

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7. Barber Poles

With today’s social media and our modern, digitally engaged world, a barbershop’s look and aesthetic is extremely important. A barbershop’s design is not only crucial for snapping insta-worthy pics for the ‘gram in order to attract clients, but it also affects the client’s overall experience and reflects what your business is about. Whether your shop has the old-school vintage vibe or has taken a modern decor approach, no barbershop is complete until the most recognized barber symbol is purchased and displayed - the iconic barber pole. Because let’s be honest, can you really call your business a “barber” shop without a “barber” pole? Give your shop the iconic barbering stamp of approval by browsing our collection of barber poles.

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8. Barber Capes, Aprons, & Cape Seals

Don’t forget to dress your barbers and clients in the best, while keeping them fresh! From stylish denim barber aprons and all-purpose, water resistant barber capes to Zuka cape seals that provide clients with a cleaner, more comfortable cutting experience, Minerva’s wide selection of barbershop apparel is equipped with everything you need before opening for business. Shop functional, durable, innovative, and professional-grade barber apparel that makes a statement.

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9. Professional Blow Dryers for Barbers and Hair Stylists

Supplying your barbers with the high-quality hair tools they need to help your barbershop business succeed is crucial, especially when it comes to blow dryers. We understand the stress, time, and money that goes into opening a barbershop business and opting to go for a cheaper blow dryer may seem tempting, however, investing in professionally tested, salon-quality hair dryers will SAVE you stress, time, and money in the long run. Our collection of blow dryers are powerful, quiet, durable, and equipped with the latest technology in salon-level styling tools to protect and repair hair while cutting down drying time.

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10. Technician & Hair Cutting Stools

When barbers become exhausted from standing all day, don’t wait until they’re on the cusp of burnout risking their salon efficiency and performance. Be proactive from the start by providing your barbershop staff and team with comfortable cutting stools for the option to take a seat during the hustle and bustle of everyday salon life. From extra high cutting stools with backrests to saddle hair cutting stools, Minerva’s wide selection of salon and barber stools provides seating options to suit the needs of every barber professional.

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11. Ring Lights

Like we said before, social media holds a lot of power and influence in our world today, which is why creating a barbershop space filled with instagrammable moments is key. Whether you create a picture-worthy corner in your shop for clients to show off their fresh cut and shave or you want to document your client’s before/after transformation, having a social-media friendly ring light on hand ensures every moment can be captured with perfect lighting and instantly uploaded to share with the world.

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12. EyeVac Pro Electronic Dustpan

While you’re purchasing barber equipment and getting everything ready for your shop’s grand opening, thinking about the hair, dust, and debris that will accumulate is understandably an afterthought. Purchase an item that does the barbershop cleaning for you with the EyeVac Pro Electronic Dustpan. Proven to be a best seller in the hair salon, barbershop, and beauty supply industry where sweeping is an all-day job, the EyeVac makes cleaning tile, wood, or any kind of hard flooring easier than ever. Simply sweep up to the infrared sensors at the base of the unit and automatically hair, dust, and all debris will be suctioned into the easy to dump canister.

Shop EveVac Pro Electronic Dustpan

13. Mannequin Heads and Mannequin Stands

Mannequin heads and stands are some of the most important tools used for hair and barber education. From cosmetology students in beauty school to barbers, stylists, platform artists, educators, and every hair professional alike, mannequin heads and stands are essential to the education, growth and success of barber professionals and the beauty industry as a whole. Browsing Minerva’s mannequin collection, customers will discover a variety of functional mannequin stand designs with innovative product features as well as mannequin heads with a variety of hair colors, textures and lengths in order to suit the needs and education of every hair professional.

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14. Kid’s Hair Cutting Cape & Barber Booster Seat

Last but not least, WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN?! Salon and barber supplies suited for the kiddos are often overlooked in the initial plans and purchases when opening a salon. Luckily, Minerva’s got you covered. From hands free kid’s styling capes with bright and fun designs to barber chair booster seats that allow shorter clients to sit tall and proud, we’ve got the barbershop supplies equipped for every customer in mind.

Although some of these barber tools and supplies seem like a no-brainer to have in stock before your grand opening day, you’d be surprised at how often they are overlooked! Hopefully you were able to check off each item, and if not, here is your reminder to add these essential barber supplies to your cart before checkout.

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