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Designing a Barber Shop Interior

The Ultimate Guide to Barber Shop Design

Whether you are opening a new barber shop or renovating your existing barbershop interior, you will need to determine your shop’s aesthetic and the goals you have for the interior design and layout. 

Luckily, you have come to the right place. Not only is Minerva Beauty your one-stop shop for purchasing barber equipment, but we are also a resource to leverage as you open your barber shop, renovate it or redesign it. In this article, we will discuss all aspects of designing your barber shop, including why design matters, different barbershop aesthetics, the best barber shop color schemes, décor and personality, storage options, design tips for small barber shops, and renovation planning. Whether you prefer a simple, classic barbershop interior or envision a luxury barbershop experience, it all starts with getting clear on your objectives.

Why Good Barber Shop Design is Important

While your barbers’ incredible work and your shop’s remarkable customer service will be large determining factors in your barber shop’s reputation, the design of your space also plays a big role. While the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover” is quite popular, prospective clients will most likely judge your shop by its appearance before they decide to visit. Your existing clients will also appreciate a nicely-designed barber shop. Here are a few reasons why design is critical to a barber shop’s success:

  • Good design and a strong aesthetic attracts customers. 
  • Your barber shop’s design can further demonstrate your company branding. 
  • Barber shops that are designed nicely attract more talent. 
  • Client and talent experience is enhanced by great-looking design. 

You could charge more for your services if you purchase barber chairs and equipment that make your shop look more modern and luxe.

modern barber shop interior with black barber chairs and stainless steel barber stations with mirrors

High-quality barber chairs are a long-term investment in client comfort and your brand image

4 Different Barbershop Aesthetics 

Most barber shops will center their design and look around one kind of aesthetic. There are a variety of popular looks and so many opportunities to create your very own vibe. However, if you want to pay homage to classic barber shops while giving your space a unique vibe, we highly recommend looking into these four popular and timeless barbershop aesthetics. 

Classic & Vintage

Envision a traditional or vintage barber shop with wood grain finishes and classically designed barber stations. While this classic aesthetic pays homage to older-looking barber shops, there are a variety of ways to elevate the aesthetic by adding accents like checkered floors or a new barber pole. Minerva Beauty’s barbershop equipment made with reclaimed wood has many eco-friendly options ideal for a classic or vintage barber shop interior.


Barber shops located in lofts with exposed pipes that prioritize stainless steel finishes have a masculine, industrial feel. Industrial style is a popular aesthetic for barber shops. You can translate the style into your barber shop by purchasing barber mirrors that have an industrial or reclaimed look to them, and incorporating other stainless steel barber shop equipment


Modern barber shops prioritize bold and refreshing colors with clean lines and sleek furniture. When you’re shopping for the best barber chairs, you want to make sure you’re filling your barber shop with modern, clean pieces that are also timeless. Modern shops also prioritize minimalist design principles. 

Mid-Century Modern

If a blend between classic and modern is more your shop’s style, the mid-century modern aesthetic may be for you. Mid-century modern barbershop furniture combines vintage accents with modern pieces. This aesthetic is a very popular choice for salons and barbershops.

Do you see an aesthetic that rings true to the look and feel you want to bring into your barber shop? You can also adapt each look to make it unique to you, your people and your business.

popular barber shop design aesthetics and color schemes

Use these popular styles & color schemes as starting points for your barber shop's design

The Best Barbershop Color Schemes 

Another important design factor that you will need to consider is the overall color scheme for your barber shop. Color plays a big role in how your clients and people feel. Colors can enhance moods if used correctly and paired well, which is why we think it’s important to determine a unifying color scheme. If your barber shop’s logo and branding currently use specific colors, you will want to weave those colors into your shop’s overall color scheme—unless you are redoing your branding. Determining your aesthetic before you choose your color scheme will help you align with your design needs and wants for a more cohesive look. Here are some tried and true barbershop color schemes to choose from.

White & Black

If you’re going for a modern and minimalist look, you can’t go wrong with black and white. This high-contrast pairing is dynamic and versatile, and makes a perfect backdrop for decorative accents.

Bold Neutrals

For mid-century modern barber shops, using strong yet neutral colors like military green, burnt orange, navy and beige will play well with the aesthetics of mid-century furniture and décor. 

Minimalist Neutrals

If you’re going for a traditional or classic barber shop, use muted neutral tones like taupe, gray, cream, brown and greige (a combination of gray and beige). Since these tones are so versatile, you can easily work in a bold pop of color like red or blue if you want to. 

Black & Gray

Different shades of gray and black will add a masculine and edgy feel to your barber shop. If you want to create a moody and distinguished atmosphere, these colors will get you there. 

Align Branding with Your Barber Shop Design

Your barber shop’s branding may need to be renovated along with the design of your shop. The two should blend seamlessly together as your shop’s design should take notes from your branding and logo. As you design or redesign your barber shop, make sure to reinforce your branding throughout the space. Whether that be with a large logo above the reception desk or with colorful wall murals and decals, your barber shop’s branding should be consistent and apparent throughout.

creative barber shop accent and decor pieces

Use decor thoughtfully to add unique flair to your barbershop interior

Use Decor to Give Your Barber Shop Personality 

Are you curious about how you should decorate your barber shop? If you want a cohesive design that aligns with your aesthetic and is appealing to your clients and people, we have some advice on which decor to prioritize. We highly suggest creating a mood board once you have determined your barbershop aesthetic and color scheme, which will help you identify the direction your decor needs to go in. Here are some accent and decor pieces that will look great in your barber shop: 

  • Framed Photos – Framed sentimental photos that have a personal tie to the barber shop can give your space a personality and add a nice touch. 
  • Artwork – Artwork that matches your barbershop aesthetic will give your space a sophisticated look. 
  • Aesthetically Pleasing Barber Stations – Barber stations that align with your aesthetic can also serve as décor. 
  • Neon Signs – Neon signs are a great way to reinforce your branding and welcome clients. They also add a unique and modern touch. 
  • Decorative Lighting – If your shop’s aesthetic is moody, you may be able to decorate with lighting. 
  • Wall Murals – Wall murals are a great way to bring the outside inside and they can give your shop a truly unique piece of art that draws clients in. 
  • Wallpaper – There are also creative wallpaper prints and patterns you can use to enhance your wall design. You can use removable peel and stick wallpaper panels to create an accent wall, jazz up the restrooms or add a pop of color behind shelving.
  • Bar Cart or Coffee Station – Treat your clients with a drink or coffee with your barber shop’s very own bar cart or coffee station. This amenity can also serve as decor!
  • Botanicals – Plants come in all shapes and sizes, so they’re a great way to add visual interest to any aesthetic. No green thumb? Choose hardy, low-maintenance plants like ivy, bamboo, and succulents, or learn more about using plants to liven up a barber shop or salon.
  • Barber Pole – Barber poles have been around for centuries and still have strong retro design appeal today. You can find barber poles in a range of sizes, with or without illumination.

Optimize Barber Shop Storage 

How do you currently store barber essentials? An important aspect of having a barbershop design that works for its people is having storage that is organized and easily accessible. Storage isn’t necessarily hidden in every barber shop, which is why it’s important to think of your supplies as a design aspect. If you find that your barber shop isn’t organized neatly, part of your shop’s new design could incorporate more organization and cleanliness to give the space an instant boost. Here are some effective storage techniques that are also aesthetically pleasing: 

Small Barber Shop Design Tips

It's even more important for small barber shops to incorporate smart storage and make the most of every square foot. Here are some design ideas to help your small barber shop look its best and operate efficiently:

  • Use wall-mounted stations and shelves 
  • Hang plants from the ceiling to keep surfaces clear
  • Invest in mobile (wheeled) barber shop equipment to make your limited space more flexible
  • Install wall hooks to keep capes, aprons and client belongings out of the way
  • Hang décor items on the walls above eye level to make the ceiling appear higher
  • Choose white or another light color for the walls, ceiling & flooring
  • Use large mirrors to add a sense of more depth
  • Keep clutter to a minimum 
  • Decorate with one or two large statement pieces rather than lots of smaller decor accessories

Small barber shops also need to pay extra close attention to lighting (more on that below) which can help create the illusion of a bigger space.

barber shop renovation questions to consider

Define a budget, timeline & specific goals before committing to renovation

How to Plan Your Barber Shop Renovations 

Whether you have purchased a new space or you are planning to renovate your existing barber shop, renovations can be helpful in creating the best space for your clients and your people. However, full-on renovation may not be necessary for every shop. Here are some questions to consider that can help you determine if you need renovations: 

  • Does my current space and layout work well for my business, staff and clients? 
  • Is my floor plan and space conducive to my business growth? 
  • Are there specific areas of the shop that should be renovated? 
  • Does my barber shop accurately reflect my business and where it’s heading? 
  • Is my barber shop accessible to guests with disabilities? 
  • Do we need additional rooms or areas?

simple barber shop interior design with wood styling stations and black barber carts

Replace worn, mismatched or outdated equipment to project a professional image

Get the Barbershop Lighting Right 

One of the most overlooked but important aspects of barbershop design is the lighting. Not only do your barbers need to be able to clearly see while working, but it’s also important for clients to see their new style in stellar lighting. Here are some ways that you can improve the lighting situation in your barber shop as you design or renovate your space:

  • Prioritize natural light by leveraging large windows. 
  • Replace incandescent light bulbs with low-maintenance LED light bulbs to improve efficiency and the evenness of your overall lighting. 
  • Use large mirrors to bounce natural light throughout the shop. 
  • Use warm temperature lighting in the 3000K - 4000K range because it’s more flattering for skin. 
  • Invest in good lighting with a high CRI (Color Rendering Index)to ensure that hair colors look the same in your barber shop as they do in outdoor light. 

If your clientele is active on social media, you might want to create a selfie wall or corner that’s intentionally designed and lit to make “before and after” photos a snap!

Design the Reception and Waiting Area with Clients in Mind

With the waiting room and reception area, you have an opportunity to make your clients feel comfortable and welcome. Reception is the first and last place to make an impression on visitors, so make sure this area isn’t cramped or cluttered. This is also an area of your shop where you should prioritize personality when it comes to design. Decorate the space with artwork that matches your shop’s aesthetic, comfortable and sleek furniture, retail products and a welcoming reception desk. If you have room, adding a drinks station, coat rack, waste basket and some on-trend books or magazines are great ways to help guests settle in and relax while waiting for their appointment.

Don’t Forget the Facade

The look and feel of the outside of your barber shop is just as important as the inside. With that being said, could your shop use new signage or a fresh coat of paint? If so, you may want to focus on designing the facade. Here are some things to prioritize for the outside of your shop. 

  • Repaint the exterior with a new, bold color. 
  • Renovate your barbershop signage. 
  • Decorate the exterior with chairs, tables, plants, etc.
  • Replace weathered windows or doors. 
  • Hang up signage that showcases promotions, hours of operation and your services. 
  • Install sufficient outdoor lighting to improve visibility and security.
  • Place a large welcome mat outside the door to make the entrance more inviting.

If making changes to your barber shop’s exterior, check your city and local zoning district commercial design regulations to make sure your business stays in compliance.

expense planning checklist for important barber shop design budget items

Creating a design budget ahead of time helps you identify priorities and stick to your profit goals

Create a Budget for Design 

After you have taken all of your design needs into consideration, it’s time to create a budget. Of course, redesigning your barber shop can be expensive, but if you create a thorough budget that has room for flexibility, you can achieve everything you desire well within your means. Here are some important budget items to include when planning out your expenses: 

  • The amount of money you feel comfortable spending 
  • Cost of paint and a painting service
  • Lighting costs
  • Décor costs
  • Cost of purchasing barber supplies and equipment
  • Exterior renovations
  • Flooring repair or replacement
  • Plumbing costs (if adding or moving plumbed-in shampoo systems or barber sinks)
  • Barber furniture upgrades

It’s also important to think about the timing: when will the renovations take place, and how long do you feel comfortable closing your business if the work can’t all be done outside of business hours?

Get Feedback About Your Barbershop Design

As you begin to design or renovate your barber shop, you can solicit feedback from your clients and your people about your shop’s current design and your future plans. Gathering feedback can be very insightful when it comes to determining what’s most important to your clients and your staff. Feedback can also illuminate any pain points your people may be feeling around the shop, for example, a layout that doesn’t allow them to freely move about the shop. With this feedback, you can prioritize design initiatives that stand to have the biggest impact.

vintage style barber shop retail display shelves with products and decor accents

An attractive retail display showcases your barber shop's style and encourages browsing 

Planning out all aspects of designing your barber shop may feel overwhelming, but we hope we have laid out a helpful guide for you to use. Don’t forget to leverage Minerva Beauty’s blog posts on cool barber station ideas and salon color schemes to help inspire your renovations!

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