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Selfie Wall: Why Your Salon Needs One

Selfie Wall: Why Your Salon Needs One

In a time where tech-savvy millennials are taking over the internet and driving the economy, the power of social media is steadily growing. Thus, to ensure your business is keeping up with the competition, it is crucial to have a strong online presence.

Incorporating a salon selfie wall into your space will create the perfect setting for your salon professionals to capture their works of art for the intention of social sharing. Have we convinced you of your need yet? If so, keep reading to learn how to create the perfect photo spot for all those stunning hair transformations.

1. Pick a Good Location

Choose a prime selfie wall location. Be careful that it doesn’t block the flow of traffic, disrupt quiet areas, or annoy other clients who don’t want to be in the background.

Lighting is a critical aspect to consider when choosing the location of your media wall. Natural daylight is ideal, but try to avoid direct sunlight as it tends to be too harsh. By setting up in an open area with lots of windows or by using a ring light, you can get optimal soft lighting.

2. Create a Backdrop that Reflects your Brand

Do you focus on natural hair care or vibrant hair color? Do you specialize in up-dos or boho braids? Keep the backdrop sleek and simple or do something fun like an accent wall, wallpaper or a living green wall that reflects your brand. Just avoid making it too busy because you want your client’s hair to be the main focus.

A visually appealing backdrop that reflects the essence of your salon will be sure to boost your social media presence when all those gorgeous hair transformations begin taking over your feed.

3. Remind Them to Tag the Salon!

Create a sign with your Instagram and Facebook handles as well as suggested hashtags to complete your selfie wall. Encourage clients to use them if they choose to share content on any of their social media platforms.

Want to give your salon selfie wall an additional boost? Give clients a discount on a product of their choice. Sometimes just 5% to 10% is all it can take to get your clients excited about posting a photo of your amazing work!

By following these three suggestions, Minerva Beauty hopes your selfie wall game will be poppin’ off in no time! Your elevated social media buzz will surely turn posts into more business for your salon.

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