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7 Popular Hair Salon Color Schemes

Dark Gray White and Navy

Whether you are opening a new salon or you are redesigning an existing space, if you’re wondering how important the color scheme you choose for this space is, we are here to tell you that it’s a critical choice. 

Not only will the color scheme you choose for your salon dictate the type of decor and salon equipment you purchase, but it will also impact how you, your people and your clients feel about and interact with your space. 

Why Are Color Schemes Important for My Salon? 

Have you ever heard of the term “color psychology”? Color psychology or theory is essentially the study of how colors impact human behavior. Certain colors make you feel specific things. For example, the colors red and yellow spark hunger in many people — think of the McDonald’s logo. Whereas colors like green and blue soothe and calm people — you may see examples of these colors at salons, spas or smoothie bars. Our point? The color scheme you choose to decorate your salon with has a huge influence on how your clients will feel visiting your salon and how they interact with your brand. Can you recall a moment in time where you were debating on visiting a place of business or shopping from a brand and their branding and color scheme either influenced you to shop or visit, or conversely, turned you away? This goes to show just how critical it is to keep colors in mind when you are shopping for salon furniture and decor. 

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What Emotions and Feelings Do I Want to Convey with My Salon’s Color Scheme? 

Now that you understand just how important color is to the success of your salon, let’s explore the kinds of feelings and aesthetics you want to convey at your salon. This will be helpful as you plan out decor or think about salon station ideas. To help you narrow in on an aesthetic and color, we will share how certain color groups appear to your clients and people. 

White  – The color white communicates freshness and is used in minimalist salons to create a more modern and clean feeling. 

Red – The color red creates a sense of urgency in everyone. This vibrant color is great to use as an accent if you’re looking to create a salon that’s loud and bold — think pillows or neon signs.

Silver – When we are talking about things like purchasing salon chairs and the hardware on your salon equipment, silver also contributes to a clean and modern look and feel. 

Green – For the salons that wish to create a relaxing environment that mimics nature, incorporating green elements like plants into your salon’s design can give the space a modern and calming touch. 

Yellow – Yellow colors are usually associated with more rustic salons, but the color often encourages happiness and adds a pop of color to any space. 

Black – Black is a powerful hue, which can communicate modern, luxurious and powerful emotions. 

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Popular Salon Color Schemes and Tips

Now that you understand the emotions conveyed with each color, you can start to create a color scheme that will fit your salon perfectly. We have included some of the most popular color schemes for salons below, along with photos from some of our favorite salons. 

  • Dark Gray, White, Navy – This color scheme is calming while still incorporating color. 
  • Black and White with Pops of Green – If you want a modern or edgy looking salon, this is the color scheme for you. 

Black and White with Pops of Green

  • Cream, White, Tan and Green – This color scheme gives a boho-chic vibe to any salon. 

Cream, White, Tan and Green

  • Gray and White – If you are going for a feminine and glamorous look, gray and white will help you achieve it. 

Gray and White

  • White and Rainbow Colors – For salons that aren’t afraid of bold colors, working the rainbow or neon lights into a mostly white salon will give you a vibrant and modern look.

White and Rainbow Colors

  • Pink, Orange, Yellow, Beige – Do you love the coastal or beach aesthetic? Prioritize these colors!

Pink, Orange, Yellow, Beige

  • Brown, Beige, Tan – For a salon that feels warm, cozy and modern, this is the color scheme for you. 

Brown, Beige, Tan

Did you find a color scheme that best represents your salon? You may think of a completely different color scheme outside of these suggestions or create your own palette. Just remember, it’s whatever feels true to your brand and your salon. 

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