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5 Standout Salon Station Ideas

salon station ideas featuring mid-century modern furniture and décor

Mid-century modern's timeless style embraces the contrast of sleek lines & organic shapes

5 Standout Salon Station Ideas

As a salon owner, you want to make your guests feel comfortable, welcome and, above all else, fabulous. To achieve that, you need an aesthetic that inspires. With some simple upgrades like a stylish new salon chair and a splashy light fixture or mirror, you can give your styling stations a makeover that’ll have all your clients talking. Here are some fun ideas to consider for your salon station glow-up.

Refined Retro: Mid-Century Chair + Vintage Accents

Give your hair station some vintage vibes with a retro-inspired salon chair that looks like it came straight off the set of Mad Men. We’re eyeing the Kona Salon Styling Chair, which was inspired by one of the most important pieces of mid-century modern furniture, the iconic Eames Lounge Chair. Keep the mid-mod vibes alive with the clean lines and luxurious finish of our Waverly Single Sided Styling Station with Oval Mirror, and toss in some old-school implements like a vintage hair dryer (for décor only, of course) and some fresh houseplants. This one’s great for the trend-loving salon owner and stylists who are all about the shag — carpet and hair.

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Glitz and Glam: Black & White Salon Chair + Silver Mirror

Love the vintage look but prefer things a bit more glammed up? Ideal for stylists who do a lot of weddings, red carpet events and photo shoots, this gorgeous salon station theme will make your guests feel confident and glamorous. Start with one of our chic salon chairs (we love the Rivoli Salon Styling Chair pictured below!) and then toss in a silver styling mirror for that blingy touch - like our eye-catching Akita Stainless Steel Mirror with a laser-cut border. Add in some elements of glimmer, such as a crystal chandelier or some elaborate floral bouquets, to tie it all together.

styling station ideas for a glamorous aesthetic

Glow up your styling station to set the right tone for a full-on glam session!

All White Everything:  White Salon Chair + Clear Salon Chair Cover + White Styling Station

Fresh, clean and minimal, the white-on-white vibe is perfect for the stylist who loves a relaxing yet high-end aesthetic. We know what you’re thinking: White? In a salon? With hair dye? The secret, my friends, is a clear vinyl chair cover that you can swap out when it gets dirty. Add in any one of our white salon stations—Minerva’s Signature Series has some great options—plus some matching décor like a subway tile backsplash or ceramic planters and you’re good to go. Browse all of our salon carts and trolleys to find plenty of matching essentials for storing tools and more.

all-white salon station ideas including styling chair and pedestal styling station

An all-white salon station setup can make a small space look larger

Bohemian Dreams: Houseplants + Macramé 

We’re obsessed with the boho aesthetic because it’s so relaxing and down-to-earth. Start with a neutral color palette and pepper in natural elements like leather, reclaimed wood and houseplants. Side note: You know there are easy-to-care-for houseplants that purify the air, right? That means you can create an oasis that’s pretty and good for your clients. Add a little macramé and brass and you’re golden! To shop the look below, check out our Prado Salon Styling Chair (in 4 colors!) and our hand-crafted Yonah Double Sided Styling Station.

 salon station decorating ideas for a Bohemian style

Boho chic puts people at ease and makes a perfect backdrop for eclectic accessories

Traditional Sexy: Tufted Salon Chair + Antique Furniture 

If your vibe skews more traditional luxury, this salon station grouping is for you. It features a combo of classic high-end finishes with the gorgeous tufting on the Sovereign Salon Styling Chair and the chic antique Charleston Styling Station featuring a premium granite countertop and matching mirror. We love the idea of completing this look with some pretty rose bouquets, candles and crystal elements. It’s perfect for the high-end barber or luxury spa. The black motif is dark yet approachable, which means easy cleaning and longevity in busy salons.

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hair and beauty salon station ideas for a traditional luxury look

Modern old-school luxury style embraces vintage allure and high value


For more ideas and helpful insights, check out our guide to choosing the best styling station for your salon.

Salon Station Ideas for Small Spaces

Double-sided salon stations are a great way to maximize functional workspace for stylists in a small salon. If your small salon layout doesn't allow for a row of double-sided stations, consider wall-mounted styling stations and mirrors to preserve precious floor space. 

Either way, make sure your salon station has plenty of built-in storage to keep surfaces clear, which makes the station feel more spacious. A light-colored salon station will also give the illusion of more space (compared to a dark color finish).

More styling station ideas for small salons:

Find even more ways to make the most of a small salon suite, plus tips to make your space look bigger!

Decorating & Organizing Your Salon Station

Once you have your salon station selected it's time for the fun part - organizing and decorating!

Ideas for organizing your salon station:

  • Put your most frequently-used items on the shelves/drawers at eye and hand level
  • Items you don't use as often should go in the higher and lower storage areas
  • Group different categories of products together
  • Keep all of your cleaning supplies in a caddy for quick access between clients
  • Use a label maker on the outside of drawers
  • Use inserts & containers to keep drawer contents organized
  • Get cord organizers if you use multiple plug-in tools & chargers 
  • Tape helpful info (like your salon's Wi-Fi password) inside a cabinet door for easy reference

Ideas for decorating your salon station:

  • Use Command strips to hang LED string lights
  • Low-maintenance plant(s) in small pots, or fresh flowers
  • Crystal cluster, conch shell or other natural décor
  • Artwork, tchotchkes, or  photos that showcase your personal style
  • Quote of the day calendar in a theme you and your clients will enjoy
  • Your favorite product(s) for sale, in an attractive display

When decorating your salon station, keep in mind the overall salon aesthetic and choose décor accents that align with it, while incorporating your unique flair. Don't go overboard with decorations - limit yourself to one or two statement pieces. You want to make sure your salon station is easy to keep clean, while keeping the focus on your clients.

Your Station Makes a Big First Impression

For beauty industry professionals, salon stations represent who we are and how we do our job. The way we equip and decorate our workspace has an impact on how our clients feel while they’re in the chair. Use some of these fun ideas to give your station a next-level refresh and impress your guests.

Minerva Beauty has everything you need to spruce up your space at a great price, from high-quality mirrors to mobile styling stations, so be sure to explore our entire inventory for more amazing ideas.

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