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800 Square-foot Salon Floor Plans

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An 800 square foot floor plan can be tricky to work around. It’s roomy enough to provide space for all essential components of a working hair salon but not roomy enough to have an extravagant area fully committed to retail, for example. Of course, it all depends on your business-specific needs, but a salon should accommodate for reception, lounge, retail, styling, shampoo, back of the house, and a restroom or two to function well and keep your employees and clients happy.

To maximize and ensure all furniture is positioned in a way that works, design experts at Minerva Beauty have created three space-saving and space-optimizing layout options for an 800 square foot salon. Focusing on function, traffic flow, and proper equipment placement, we hope you can gather enough inspiration from these floor plans to create a beautiful salon space.


Salon Floor Plan

Floor Plan 1 /

Starting at the entrance, the reception area features the sleek Quantico Reception Desk with ADA Shelf Cube, a charming waiting area with Loki Waiting Chairs, and a spacious Argonne Wall Mount Retail Display. There is also an area dedicated to makeup with plenty of natural light coming from windows that features the Brookhaven II Styling Station, Flora Waiting Chair, and two Mateo Retail Displays. Moving along, you’ll find a restroom located just across the room and a processing area around the corner. Three Waverly Double-Sided Styling Stations with Rectangle Mirrors paired with the Aviator Salon Styling Chairs make six work areas for your hairstylists. A shampoo area with two Corsa Shampoo Systems with White Bowl is placed in the corner for privacy with access to the color mixing room and back/storage area.


Check the product list below to get the look:

Reception Area: Quantico Reception Desk with ADA Shelf Cube, Loki Waiting Chairs, Argonne Wall Mount Retail Display, Brookhaven II Styling Station, Flora Waiting Chair, Mateo Retail Displays

Styling/Shampoo Area: Waverly Double-Sided Styling Stations with Rectangle Mirrors, Aviator Salon Styling Chairs, Corsa Shampoo Systems with White Bowl

Processing Area: Flora Waiting Chair

Color Processing Area: Broadway Color Bar



Floor Plan 2 /

In this 800 square foot salon floor plan, the Solitude 4ft Reception Desk greets you upon entry. Two Flora Waiting Chairs provide guest seating while two Brighton Retail Displays set side by side give a home to retail products in an eye-catching display that is sure to give your customers a positive shopping experience. An ADA-accessible restroom can be accessed through the open doorway, and further along, you'll find a storage room, back exit door, and a color mixing room. In the working part of the salon, four Visconti Styling Station/Aria Styling Chair duos line the far side of the wall, and one additional pairing for makeup or additional styling is directly opposite. The shampoo area features two Alluvia Shampoo Chairs with Montego Pedestal Shampoo Bowls. Close by for ease of access, a door leads to the color mixing room.


Check the product list below to get the look:

Reception Area: Solitude 4ft Reception Desk, Flora Waiting Chairs, Brighton Retail Displays

Styling/Shampoo Area: Visconti Styling Station, Aria Styling Chair, Alluvia Shampoo Chairs, Montego Pedestal Shampoo Bowls

Color Processing Area: Broadway Color Bar



Floor Plan 3 /

The last 800 square foot salon floor plan we have to share features more of an open concept. The reception area is located right at the entrance with the Hawthorne Reception Desk front and center and Loki Waiting Chairs giving clients a place to rest as they wait for appointments. Behind the desk, but far enough away to encourage guests to shop on their own—two Apalachee Retail Displays provide ample amounts of storage for retail. An ADA-accessible restroom is beside the shampoo area that features two Mykonos Backwash Systems. With a focus on getting as many styling stations into the floor plan as possible—this space has seven total with two floating Genesis Double Sided Styling Stations and three Genesis Single Sided Styling Stations along the back wall—all paired with the Bellini Styling Chair. Tucked away in the corner, two Loki Waiting Chairs give clients a space to process. The doorway leads to a color mixing room and storage space, complete with a washer and dryer for in-house cleaning needs.


Check the product list below to get the look:

Reception Area: Hawthorne Reception Desk, Loki Waiting Chairs, Apalachee Retail Displays

Styling/Shampoo Area: Mykonos Backwash Systems, Genesis Single Sided Styling Stations, Genesis Double Sided Styling Stations, Bellini Styling Chair

Processing Area: Loki Waiting Chairs

Color Processing Area: Broadway Color Bar


We hope you found inspiration by checking out these floor plan layouts! Be sure to look at our Three Salon Floor Plans, One 1400 Square-foot Space, and 4 Salon Suite Floor Plans & Designs blog posts to get even more inspiration for your salon floor plan. If inspiration is still lacking, Minerva's 2D Space Planner is a great tool to help you create a space that is unique to you. Simply enter your room's dimensions to get started, add walls, and start placing Minerva furniture!

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