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4 Salon Suite Floor Plans & Designs

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Space may be limited, but the options are endless when it comes to the design of your salon suite. If you are at a loss as to where you should start, Minerva Beauty has created four salon suite layouts along with a sampling of products for inspiration to help get you going. As a hairstylist, you understand the importance of beautiful and thoughtful design. Use the below to launch your own creative vision for your salon studio.  

1. Casual Elegance

An elegant interior does not have to be stuffy or gaudy. In fact, it is best to tone down the extravagance in such a tight space. Opt for streamline pieces, metallic touches, and creamy neutrals for a casual atmosphere with just the right amount of sophistication. Go for a light wall color with a soft blush pink tint for a sleek and glamorous pop of color.

Casual Elegance Salon Studio Suite Floor Plan Design

Featured products: Top to Bottom

  1. Genesis Single Sided Styling Station
  2. Vantage Styling Chair in Cashmere 
  3. 3'x4' Semi Circle Anti Fatigue Mat
  4. Avant Shampoo System in Cashmere
  5. Broadway Color Bar
  6. Palermo Retail Display

 2. Moody Glam

Contrast is key to creating a deliciously moody interior. A mix of richer furniture, fabrics, and finishes gives a mysterious air to the room while the presence of a darker palette creates intimacy. An ebony wood styling station with gold metal detail looks expensive when paired with a highly contrasting ivory hued styling chair. To truly set in the posh atmosphere, a dark floral wallpaper will make a great accent wall or even on the ceiling.

Glam Salon Studio Suite Floor Plan Design

Featured products: Top to Bottom

  1. Soriano Styling Station
  2. Carrera Styling Chair in Ivory
  3. Avery Shampoo System in Ivory
  4. Granger Service Tray
  5. Loki Waiting Chair
  6. Carnegie Retail Display

3. Modern Sleek

Sharp angular lines and minimal silhouettes are all you need to achieve a modern look. Crisp white furniture pieces look sleek and will make your retail products stand out when displayed. Use stainless steel and gold finishes throughout to bring an edge to the look with a metallic shine. Try a darker steel blue wall color to play up the modern flair.

Modern Salon Studio Suite Floor Plan Design

Featured products: Top to Bottom 

  1. Brookhaven II Styling Station
  2. Ravenel Full Length Mirror
  3. Aviator Styling Chair in Camel 
  4. Vantage Stainless Steel Shampoo System in Camel
  5. Broadway Color Bar
  6. Brighton Retail Display 
  7. Leif Waiting Chair

4. Retro Charm

Retro style has a fun, lively feel to it with bold designs and funky color combinations. Mocha and sage green upholstery gives the space a vintage 50’s inspired twist, while the curved shapes, glass shelves, and touches of gold adds unique character and charm.

Retro Salon Studio Suite Floor Plan Design

Featured products: Top to Bottom 

  1. Chastain Styling Station
  2. Bradham Full Length Mirror
  3. Emma Styling Chair in Sage Green
  4. Avant Shampoo System in Mocha
  5. Broadway Color Bar
  6. Sakura Wall Mount Retail Display
  7. Reception Chair

No matter what vibe you’re going for in your salon, studios can give you the flexibility to truly make a space of your own. With thoughtful planning, your salon suite can become a reflection of your personality and attract clients that jive with your style.

For more inspiring salon looks, check out our Instagram @minervabeauty for loads of real salon photos using Minerva Beauty furnishings.

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