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Choosing the Best Styling Stations for Your Salon

best hair salon station setup

Styling stations play a central role in any hair or beauty salon, providing crucial storage and accessibility for a variety of tools while serving as the stage where stylists customize their workspace and work their magic! Because styling stations are so valuable, it’s important to understand all the different styles, sizes and features available so you can choose the best setup for your salon. Here we’ll cover the top considerations when selecting styling stations including cost, how many stations to get for your salon, and how to fit them into your floor plan.

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Types of Styling Stations

Salon station equipment comes in many different shapes and sizes. To find the best fit for your space, start with an overview of your options:

Double-Sided Stations

Double-sided salon stations are a great way to take advantage of an open floor plan if your salon has plenty of space. They’re also a great investment if you want to maximize client capacity. Some of our double-sided styling stations also include visible or hidden wheels for easy mobility.

tall double-sided salon stations with full-length mirrors and built-in storage at use in a modern hair salon

Shop the Kamino Styling Station in white or black

double-sided salon stations made from eco-friendly materials in an open-concept loft-style hair salon

Shop the Lakota Styling Station made from reclaimed wood

Single-Sided Stations

Single-sided stations come in a variety of sizes and styles, with options and price points for any salon or barber shop. Single-sided styling stations can help minimize visual distractions and offer clients more privacy, which is perfect for salons looking to create a more serene or intimate vibe.

tall single-sided salon stations with full-length mirrors, drawers and shelving along one wall in a large, modern hair salon

Shop the Westminster Styling Station in white or black

single-sided styling station with full-length mirror & built-in storage in a small, minimalist hair salon

Shop the Genesis Styling Station in white, black or gray

Wall-Mounted Stations

Wall-hung or wall-mounted salon stations are a smart way to maximize floor space in a small salon or suite, and they also make cleaning the floor easier!

Our compact wall-hung stations—the Cezanne, the Bellevue and the Windermere—simplify ergonomics and accessibility because you can mount them at any height. Our largest wall-hung station—the Tallulah—comes with a matching framed mirror and offers plenty of storage, including hot tool holders.

white wall-mounted styling station with quartz countertop, 2 drawers and appliance holders

Shop the Cezanne Styling Station in white or black

three wall-mounted styling stations with hammered zinc countertop, spacious drawers and hand-sculpted iron frames in a modern hair salon with industrial decor

Shop the handcrafted Apache Styling Station made from reclaimed elm

We also offer wall-mounted salon stations with front legs only: the back of the station and the matching mirror are mounted to the wall rather than freestanding. These are a great way to create the illusion of more space in a narrow salon, or lean into the airy feeling of an open salon by placing styling stations around the perimeter.

minimalist hair salon with three wall-mounted styling stations with front legs and matching mirrors

Shop the Cherokee Styling Station made from reclaimed wood (mirror included)

All wall-mounted stations from Minerva Beauty come with mounting hardware and instructions.

Modular Styling Stations

A modular styling station gives salon owners and stylists the ultimate setup flexibility and more freedom to evolve over time. You can easily create your own modular styling station by choosing a station and mirror separately, and adding other components (such as a portable cart) as needed.

Minerva Beauty has many different cabinet, desk and pedestal-style stations as well as a wide selection of salon mirrors. We also offer a customizable wall panel you can use as an accent piece, or to create a cohesive look for your modular stations.

modular styling station including cabinet, tabletop and arched mirror in luxurious chic hair salon

Shop the Brookhaven II Styling Station in white or black & the Adelaide mirror in brushed gold

modular pedestal styling stations with full-length mirror, styling chair and stool

Shop the Astoria Styling Station in 18 colors & the Bradham Full Length Mirror with a reclaimed hardwood fame

Mobile Styling Stations

Minerva Beauty carries a wide range of mobile salon stations, from our largest single and double-sided styling stations to compact cart-style stations and pared-down styling stations ideal for classrooms and small spaces. Mobile styling stations are also budget-friendly, making them a great choice for salons or stylists who are just starting out but still need functional, high-quality furniture.

Mobile stations can be especially helpful for:

  • Serving guests who use a wheelchair or have other mobility issues
  • Making more space for walk-ins as needed
  • Creating a flexible salon layout (if you plan to use your space for training sessions and other events)
modular pedestal styling stations with full-length mirror, styling chair and stool

Shop the Genesis Double Sided Styling Station or the single-sided version (both have hidden wheels)

Wet Stations

Wet stations (aka all in one stations) are most commonly used in barber shops, but they can also work for salon suites and smaller salon setups which might not have room for a separate shampoo area. As the name implies, wet stations have a shampoo bowl built in so stylists can wash and style clients’ hair all in one place.

Minerva Beauty offers two different styles of the Nantucket barber station: with or without extra shelving. Both models include plenty of storage, a white or black sink, and multiple color options for the body, countertop and accents.

Salon Station Sizing

Just like salons, styling stations come in all shapes and sizes! Taking measurements and planning your layout is an essential part of choosing the best stations for your salon.

Questions to consider during the planning process:

How many salon stations do you need?

To know how many salon stations to buy, you need to determine how many clients you can comfortably serve at one time, which depends on several factors:

  • How many stylists you have
  • The vibe you want to create (bustling & collaborative, or tranquil & intimate)
  • Projected peak hours (so you can minimize wait time)
  • Salon square footage and layout (start by determining where your shampoo stations will go, since they rely on pipe runs & plumbing permits)

There isn’t an ideal number of styling stations all salons should aim for. The right number of stations is about balancing efficiency and client comfort while maintaining healthy profit margins.

Modular and mobile stations can be ideal if you’re just starting out so you can easily adjust as you grow. Wall-hung or modular styling stations also give you more flexibility in the number of stations you can fit in your salon.

How should salon stations be arranged?

There are many successful ways to arrange styling stations in your salon floor plan, and some will work better than others depending on the size and shape of your space.

Salon studios & suites need to make the most of every square inch. Opt for a wall-mounted or modular styling station (or two). Put your styling station and shampoo station at opposite ends so the biggest pieces of furniture aren’t all in one area.

Long & narrow salons should line up styling stations along one wall. Wall-hung mirrors and pedestal-style stations will keep things from feeling too crowded and ensure there’s enough space for foot traffic behind the styling chairs and stylists.

salon stations with five and a half feet of space between them arranged along the wall in a small, bright and airy hair salon

Shop the versatile Venturi Salon Styling Chair in 8 colors to complement any styling station

salon stations with 56 inches of space between each one

Shop the affordable Vantage Salon Styling Chair with a small footprint to conserve space in your styling stations

Open concept salons are spoiled for choice when it comes to styling station placement! You can line the perimeter of the room to preserve that open, airy feel. Or use double-sided styling stations (or back-to-back single sided stations) to create islands and free up wall space for storage shelving, retail displays and décor.

double sided mobile styling stations in a large open-concept salon with high ceiling and ample space between stations

Shop the sleek Aurora Double Sided Station for easy maneuverability

Multi-room salons make it easy to separate styling stations from the shampoo area, color bar and other services. Dedicate the largest room to your styling stations and make sure to leave plenty of open space around the entryway.

For most salons there are probably multiple station arrangements that will work! In that case, the deciding factor may be how many stations you want to have, or your preferred workflow.

How much room is needed for each salon station?

No matter what size salon station you choose, you need to plan on leaving enough room around each station so your staff and clients don’t feel cramped.

First, consider the size of your styling station furniture.

There’s no standard size for a salon station, which can be anywhere from 16 to 54 inches wide, depending on the style. Salon stations with a mirror should be around 30-40 inches wide, which offers plenty of space for tools and supplies without compromising flow of movement within the salon. Salon station mirrors should be at least 30 inches wide on each side so both the stylist and clients (of all heights) can enjoy a full view of the head and hair.

Minerva Beauty desk-style salon stations with a countertop range in width from 36-54”.

54-inch wide desk-style salon station with round mirror in an upscale hair salon

Shop the customizable Waverly Double Sided Styling Station with Round Mirror for an elegant vibe

40-inch wide solid hardwood salon station with gold accents and round mirror

Shop the Hoffman Styling Station in white or ebony (mirror included)

Our tower stations are less wide on average than our desk-style stations, averaging 28.5” - 38.5”. Our mirrorless tower stations are even narrower, like the Chastain which is just under 20” wide.

38.5-inch wide tower-style salon station with storage and full-length mirror in a new hair salon

Shop the Exodus Double Sided Styling Station in Distressed Wood and Steel with concealed wheels & 4 accessory outlets

63-inch wide tower-style double-sided salon station with quartz work surfaces and 5 appliance holders

Shop the Athens Double Sided Styling Station in white or ebony with pull-out shelf & appliance drawer

Our pedestal and cabinet-style salon stations are typically the narrowest, ranging in width from 16.25 - 29.5”.

14-inch wide modern minimalist pedestal style salon stations and large gilt-edged mirrors in small hair salon

Shop the mobile Iridium Mobile Styling Station in four colors

20-inch wide pedestal-style salon station with wheels and gold service tray in small salon studio

Shop the Bookhaven II Styling Station and Granger Salon Service Tray in gold, black or gray

Depth is another important factor when choosing salon stations, especially for studios and narrow spaces. Make sure to consider at the overall station footprint, including the space needed for drawers and cabinets to open.

Then, make sure each station has enough functional workspace for your guests and stylists to feel comfortable.

There’s no hard and fast rule for how to space salon stations, but you can use these guidelines as a starting point:

  • Plan on approximately 30-40 square feet per salon station - this could look like 6x6, 5x7, etc.
  • Allow for at least 5 feet of space measured straight out from the styling station.
  • Allow for around 5 and a half feet (54-56”) between side-by-side styling stations, measured from the center of each styling chair.
  • Leave at least 2 feet between the side of a styling station and the nearest wall or window.
  • Luxury salons charging premium rates should provide more spacious work stations.

Spacing your styling stations is a balancing act between comfort and serving as many clients as possible at once. Remember that your stylists will be spending long hours at these stations and your clients will also be affected by nearby foot traffic, furniture and noise.

Use our 2D space planner to make sure the styling stations you have in mind will fit within your floor plan and create a functional layout!

Salon Station Aesthetics

While salon station type and size depend largely on your space, you have a lot more freedom when choosing the style! Once you’ve taken measurements and crunched the numbers, you can have fun picking the design details that vibe with the atmosphere you want to create.


Most styling stations come in white, black, wood grain and other neutral colors to complement a variety of salon aesthetics. Choosing a classic neutral color can be a smart move because it won’t compete with your décor or accent items, and your salon stations will still match even if you renovate or redecorate.

three pedestal style salon stations with four drawers in a light woodgrain color with white countertop

Shop the Astoria Pedestal Styling Station in Eastern Walnut and 17 other colors


Smooth surfaces are timeless and easy to clean, so it’s no wonder they’re so popular. But textured surfaces can be just as easy to clean when made from quality materials, and they add visual interest. Textured styling stations are an easy way to add depth and dimension to minimalist or ultra-modern salons.

2-drawer white styling station with honeycomb texture, glass countertop and round mirror

Shop the Hive Styling Station, part of our Art Deco salon furniture collection


Hardware finishes may be a small part of the styling station, but they can make a big impact in terms of style! Legs, toe kicks, drawer pulls, knobs and metal accents come in a wide range of finishes—from matte and subtle to brushed metallic or chrome.

different body laminate colors and finishes, counter trim options and metal accent options for salon styling stations

Shop Minerva Beauty’s Designer Series to personalize your salon station laminate, countertop & hardware

Many of our styling stations offer multiple finish options, and our entire Designer Series collection is fully customizable including the accents as well as the body laminate and countertop colors!

Design Style

If you have a specific interior design style in mind for your salon you can look for styling stations in the same style to keep things cohesive. Minerva Beauty offers several different salon equipment collections based on in-demand styles including:

  • Mid-Century Modern: a timeless blend of contemporary and classic design
  • Stainless Steel: for a high-end industrial or space-age vibe
  • Reclaimed Wood: where rustic charm meets eco-chic
  • Loft: mixed materials with industrial accents and vintage charm
  • Art Deco: sleek, luxurious beauty with ornamental flair
  • Signature Series: an elegant traditional look at home in any salon setting
  • Designer Series: clean lines, eye-catching accents & completely customizable

Salon Station Storage

Salon stations offer varying amounts of storage. Stylists will need someplace to keep their tools and supplies, so if you opt for smaller styling stations you may need to add a cart, trolley or service tray to help keep things organized and on-hand.

Our large, tower-style salon stations offer the most storage, with pull-out work trays, drawers, cabinets and appliance holders. These all-in-one salon workstations also have built-in mirrors, some with a half or full-length shelf in front.

white tower-style salon station with mirror and multiple built-in drawers, cabinets and pull-out work surfaces

Shop the Genesis Single Sided Styling Station with ample built-in storage

distressed wood and steel tower-style salon station with multiple drawers and cabinets for storage

Shop the Exodus Double Sided Styling Station in Distressed Wood and Steel with 6 drawers & soft-close cabinets

Space-saving styling stations offer less overall storage space but still include thoughtful details like built-in appliance holders and glass countertop overlays.

Choosing how much storage you need in your styling stations comes down to your salon amenities and services:

  • Will each salon station be exclusively used by one stylist, or will they be shared/rotated?
  • How many different cutting tools, coloring tools, styling tools and hot tools will be used on a regular basis?
  • Does your salon have a color mixing area, or will stylists mix color at their stations?
  • Does your salon offer a dedicated space where employees can store their personal belongings?
  • Does your salon offer a secure place for clients to leave their coats and bags?

Whether you need lockable drawers and cabinets, adjustable shelves, a flat work surface or space to display retail products, make sure the salon stations you choose will accommodate your workday storage needs.

Salon Station Accessories

No matter which type of styling station you go for, there are helpful add-ons to add the perfect finishing touch:

We also offer a wide range of salon mirrors in different shapes and sizes, some of which have LED lighting or a shelf, to complete styling stations that don’t already come with a mirror.

Electrical Needs for Salon Stations

Every salon station will need a dedicated circuit because styling tools like hair dryers and flat irons use a lot of power. Each station will also need multiple outlets so stylists can get various hot tools warmed up and ready to use.

Salon stations also need ample lighting at all times of day, which may involve installing different types of overhead lights and task lamps. If you’re using wall-mounted LED mirrors, those also require an outlet.

Once you’ve decided where your styling stations will go and how many things will need to be plugged in, you should work with an electrician to make sure all electrical work in your salon is up to code. The last thing you want is a blown fuse in the middle of a busy day!

Electric-Ready Salon Stations

Some of our large freestanding styling stations come electrical ready, meaning they have access points at the top and bottom for electrical wire, and a pre-cut outlet holes. This really streamlines installation when it’s time for the electrician to run the wires and add the outlets.

Most of our electric-ready styling stations include both single and double-sided options:


Because there are so many different types of styling stations, the cost can vary widely: Minerva Beauty styling stations range in price from $169 to $6,899. Rather than look for the lowest price, you’re better off deciding which type of salon station will fit your needs best, then buying the highest-quality version you can afford.

Investing in a high-quality salon station may cost more up front, but in the long run it’s cheaper than frequently replacing poorly-made salon stations. There’s also your salon’s reputation to consider—looks matter in the beauty industry! Your clients might not say anything, but they’ll definitely notice if your stations look shabby.

Tips for getting the most value out of your salon stations:

  • Read customer reviews
  • Look for stations made from durable materials that will withstand heavy use
  • Buy from a seller with a solid reputation so you’ll have product support if you need it
  • Choose styling stations with a manufacturer’s warranty

You can also save significant money by buying styling stations directly from a manufacturer like Minerva Beauty, because this eliminates the markup added by middlemen like distributors, wholesalers or “manufacturer’s representatives”.

We also offer two different types of financing to make our top-of-the-line salon equipment as accessible as possible.


Make sure any styling stations you purchase for your salon are backed by a manufacturer’s warranty for peace of mind. All Minerva Beauty products, including our styling stations, are backed by a no-hassle warranty for one year. If you pick up some salon chairs to go with your styling stations, the hydraulic pumps and bases are covered by a 2-year warranty.

If you have any other questions about choosing the best styling stations for your salon, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team.

Shop Minerva Beauty styling stations online, or explore our salon design lookbook for inspiration!

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