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Designing the Perfect Reception Area: Salon & Spa Edition

luxurious salon reception area with chandelier, sofas, tables and reception desk

The reception area is one of the most important factors to consider when designing your salon, spa, or barbershop, because it makes the first impression of your business.. Whether you run a hair salon, nail salon, facial spa or med spa, every little detail should be thought through to ensure the waiting area is welcoming and on-brand. Well-thought-out reception design will help create a memorable customer experience that builds lasting client loyalty.

The key to making a good first impression is making sure your clients and guests feel good from the very first moment they walk through the door. When it comes to the furniture needed to make such an impression, you can’t go wrong with Minerva Beauty. Stylish and functional, our reception-ready pieces are designed with customer satisfaction in mind. The overall design aesthetic direction you take comes down to your specific brand identity, location, and tastes, but to help get you inspired, we have created a few mood boards showcasing a selection of reception furniture from our collection. We hope that you can use these boards to get your reception ideas flowing.

fresh and clean spa reception design ideas with a modern twist

Fresh & Funky

Featuring the mid-century modern inspired Flora Waiting Chair, along with the Quantico Reception Desk and Brighton Retail Display from Minerva's Designer Series collection—this mood board is light and airy with fun, whimsical touches likened to that of a dreamscape. Bright white, light denim, and blush-toned pink are contrasted boldly with stainless-steel accents and black to bring a modern edge to an otherwise sweet curation.

salon reception design inspiration with rich colors and dramatic shapes

Dramatic & Daring

Dramatic landscapes, sharp architectural details, and deep, rich colors are creating a major statement in this mood board. The angular front of Minerva’s Solitude 4 Ft. Reception Desk is bound to add a layer of depth and intensity to any space with its jutting surface reminiscent of the jagged rocks found in a gorge. The Reception Chair in Mocha is the perfect piece for a dark and moody color palette while the sloping lines again emphasize drama.

spa reception ideas incorporating nature and organic details

Rustic & Refined

A rustic-styled salon interior does not have to be masculine or overly farmhouse. Weathered woods paired with iron frames have an undeniable industrial edge, but this aesthetic also has a natural, lived-in appearance that feels calming and close to nature. The Etowah Reception Desk and Argonne Wall Mount Retail Display are the perfect pair to bring a natural and refined look to your entry, but instead of playing up the rustic character of these pieces, soften the look overall with a faded Persian rug and a glossy sage green tile for a refreshing take on the aesthetic. Pair with the sleek Loki Waiting Chair, and be sure to check out Minerva’s Reclaimed and Loft collections for even more options if you are drawn to this look.

salon reception area ideas to create a soft and serene environment

Soft & Serene

The Seneca Reception Desk paired with the Tuscano Tower Styling Station in Chantilly White is the perfect duo to create a chic, timeless look. Featuring an antique patina and elegantly carved details, both pieces give off a highly sophisticated yet relaxed vibe that is sure to create a welcoming reception space. Accessorize with creamy neutrals and every guest that walks through your doors will be raving over the serenity of the environment.

5 Small but Significant Upgrades to Your Salon’s Waiting Area

Let’s be real—the notion of waiting is not something anyone would list as a favorite activity, but there are a few ways to ensure your guests can pass the time pleasantly. Once you have the necessary furnishings in place, here’s how to go the extra mile:

Offer Refreshments

Providing refreshments is a great way to leave any guest with a positive impression of your business. Set out a bowl of candy, serve fresh baked goods on a plate atop the receptionist desk, have a mini fridge stocked with water, or go the extra mile and include a coffee bar. Every option shows thoughtful consideration to the comfort of visitors and none require staff. Help yourself is enough to impress.

Provide Entertainment

Encourage active waiting by supplying a few sources of entertainment. A TV or two to watch, soft background music to listen to—that isn’t elevator music mind you—or a collection of magazines and coffee table books to enjoy. Just make sure periodicals are up to date - no one likes to see a pile of outdated magazines they already flipped through last month.

Add a Children’s Area

Don’t forget to have some form of entertainment for your customers’ kids to keep them occupied. Have a designated area for kids to go equipped with a bin filled with toys and games for them to play with. Include children’s books within reading materials or play cartoons at low volume on one of the TVs.

Offer Complimentary Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi for guests has become an expected yet highly appreciated amenity within salons and spas these days. You can even go the extra mile by outfitting your reception area with lounge seating or occasional tables that have built-in charging capabilities. This will enable guests to keep their mobile devices charged while they wait; increasing the level of entertainment they have access to in your waiting area.

Keep Lines of Sight Clear

Make sure guests waiting in the reception area are able to see the front door, the reception desk, and ideally a window with a view to the outside. People watching is soothing and helps kill time. Plus, you want your reception area to feel connected to the rest of your salon so your guests can look forward to their experience.

Minerva Beauty has the items you need to anchor your reception area. Front desk, seating, and retail shelving from Minerva can serve as your base. Then you can personalize from there to make your space unique to you and your salon’s atmosphere.

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