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3 Ways to Make Your Reception Area More Welcoming

welcoming reception area with warm lighting and statement reception desk

As the first point of contact, the reception area of any business is a crucial space to consider if you want to impress your guests. Whether those who walk through the doors of your salon or spa are repeat clients or first-time guests, the key to making a positive, lasting impression is to create a space which evokes a warm, welcoming feeling each time they visit. This article shares three tips on how to make your reception area more welcoming, plus tips for items to include in your reception area and how to keep things looking fresh.

1. Create the Right Atmosphere

  • The attributes of a pleasing atmosphere can be difficult to pinpoint, but an attractive and approachable vibe is one of the most critical elements to creating an inviting reception area. The moment a customer walks through the door, they’re forming an opinion of your salon based on everything in the environment: sights, sounds, smells, textures and the overall feel. Thoughtfully design your salon’s reception area so it strikes the right balance between functionality and stylish comfort.
  • Keep your reception area tidy and clean at all times, and provide a place for stuff to land. Things like coat racks, side tables, coffee tables, and credenzas give clients a designated place for their belongings so they can easily settle in and relax if there’s a wait. Having designated places for personal belongings also keeps seats free and clutter at bay.
  • Consider all of the factors that add charm and comfort to your reception area. Deliberately choosing your lighting, decor, refreshments, music and scents puts people at ease from the start. Aim for a relaxing yet professional ambiance that makes clients feel at home and well cared for.
  • Display your company branding prominently in the reception area to immediately confirm to new clients that they are in the right place. Keep the reception desk clean and organized, and leave plenty of empty space on the top counter for clients to place their handbag, phone or other personal items when checking in and out. Create a system and train your staff to greet visitors warmly and address client needs efficiently, even when it’s busy. A smooth check-in process sets the right tone for the rest of their service experience.

appealing reception area with statement lighting

Eye-catching globe pendant lighting & mixed patterns in a neutral palette create an attractive arrival point

welcoming reception desk with small succulents

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2. Choose Accessible Reception Furniture

  • Let visitors take control of where and how they sit in the waiting area by providing a variety of reception seating. Make sure to include seating options for different body sizes, and for guests using mobility devices. If space is tight, tandem seating can be a good solution, but if you have the space and want to make the waiting area even more comfortable, pamper your guests with armchairs or couches.

welcoming reception seating with stylish chairs, end tables, plants and magazines

Shop the stylish and easy-to-clean Loki Waiting Chair - Set of Two in black or white

  • Get creative with your furniture arrangement. Unless necessary due to space constrictions, avoid lining everything up against the wall. Try putting chairs back-to-back, or in a U-shaped layout, then take a seat yourself to make sure it’s comfortable. Go for a setup that facilitates conversation, but be mindful of the fact that most guests do not want to snuggle up with a stranger on a loveseat.
  • Your salon reception desk is the centerpiece of the reception area. Select a desk that makes a good first impression and fits with your overall interior aesthetic. Position the reception desk so it’s clearly visible and facing the front door, but far enough back so it doesn’t obstruct foot traffic in and out.
  • Almost every salon and spa has retail products to sell. Add shelving to display your salon’s retail products in or near the reception area so guests can browse while they’re waiting and easily pick up items to purchase when checking out.

spacious, clean and inviting reception area with ample seating, adequate lighting and branded merchandise

Shop the practical Seminole Retail Display with ample shelving & storage underneath

3. Add Plenty of Style

  • Use cohesive décor and accessories to pull together your reception area design. Go bold if it fits your salon’s theme, but make an intentional plan first to avoid a mismatched look.
  • Incorporate your salon’s branding in an aesthetically pleasing way. Something like an eye-catching neon logo behind the receptionist desk or a striking wall graphic can be a fantastic way to pack a punch while reinforcing your brand culture.
  • Add color and visual interest with unique artwork, especially large or dramatic pieces that reflect your salon’s character. Gallery walls are a great opportunity to liven up empty wall space with a mix of quirky finds, local art, inspirational iconic styles, and high-quality photos of your salon, neighborhood or city.
  • Use mirrors to reflect natural and artificial light, brightening the reception area. Natural light is especially helpful in creating a relaxing and refreshing environment, and mirrors can help you make the most of it.
  • Flowers, and plants and other types of greenery can quickly freshen up a space. Real or faux greens can provide the perfect finishing touch to a well styled reception area. Plants in your salon can also help purify the air! If you have a green thumb or the budget to hire a service, you can make a big statement with a living wall.

charming reception area with lots of greenery, unique artwork on the walls and an accessible retail display

Shop the Apalachee Retail Display to put an elegant spotlight on your products

If you love interior design, you’ve got to check out our mood boards with even more reception design ideas for salons and spas.

Go Above & Beyond in Your Salon Reception Area

Beyond aesthetics, there are other thoughtful touches that will go a long way towards creating a welcoming experience for your customers:

  • Coat Racks or Hooks - Your clients will be more comfortable and your salon will look neater if coats and jackets are hung in one area instead of on the backs of chairs.
  • Reading Material - Even with the best planning, sometimes delays are unavoidable. But providing reading material will help customers pass the time waiting for their appointment without resorting to screentime. Consider providing magazines, coffee table books, hair style inspiration books or product catalogs for customers to browse.
  • Amenities - If it’s within your budget, offering guests water, coffee, or tea is a great way to highlight hospitality and create a memorable guest experience. Individually wrapped energy bites, chocolates or mints can also help your salon stand out.
  • Music - Music playing in the reception area can help soften the sounds of a busy salon and set the tone for an enjoyable visit. Choose or curate playlists that match your salon’s vibe and clientele. Avoid media with loud talking or ads.
  • WiFi & Charging Stations - Providing a WiFi password and ways for customers to easily charge their devices is a convenience everyone will appreciate.
  • User-Friendly POS Software - A reliable and efficient POS at reception benefits both you and your customers! We highly recommend Square POS for Salons because it’s an all-in-one system.

To ensure your reception area is always clean and tidy, assign the task to a specific person and create a schedule and checklist if necessary. You never know when a first-time visitor will walk in, so make sure reception is always completely neat and uncluttered.

Refresh Your Salon Reception Area Seasonally

attractive reception area with comfortable seating and coffee table with flower centerpiece Moda Capelli Hair

There are many easy ways to update your salon’s reception area with the seasons. Seasonal changes are also a great opportunity to do a deep clean and keep things feeling fresh.

  • Spring - For springtime pick lighter, brighter colors and plenty of floral accents. Pastels, leafy prints, and natural hues are a great way to offer spring vibes.
  • Summer - People like to have fun in the summer. Consider adding some nautical or vacation-inspired pieces like shells, palm trees, tropical colors and other summery décor.
  • Fall - Nothing says autumn like harvest colors paired with earthy neutrals. Branches and dried florals along with cinnamon or woodsy scents can really complete the fall feeling.
  • Winter - Warm lighting with white or silver accents are great ways to celebrate the beauty of wintertime. Use warm-toned bulbs, string lights or LED candles to create a welcoming glow.

Don’t limit your seasonal refresh to visuals. You can also rotate your selection of drinks and snacks, reading materials, scent diffuser and music to suit the season. There’s no need to redecorate completely - even subtle updates can add ambiance your clients will appreciate.

Minerva Beauty has stylish and durable salon reception furniture to anchor your reception area so you can infuse it with your personality to make it unique and welcoming. If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out these tips on how to improve your hair salon business and creative salon storage ideas to make the most of your space.

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