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How to Improve Your Hair Salon Business

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As a salon owner, you should always want your business to be growing and improving year after year. However, sometimes there are events or factors that can inhibit growth and improvement. This is totally normal and common for all businesses. 

If you’re feeling like your salon and business has hit a lull and you’re looking for ways to improve it, you have come to the right place! From learning how to build clientele to renovating your salon, there are always opportunities for improvement. We have created this guide to help you identify areas of your business that you can boost and improve on while maintaining the other areas you’re happy with. 

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How to Identify Areas of Your Business You Can Improve

As a salon owner, there are many different ways to zero in on the areas of your business that could stand to be better managed. Here are some methods to try: 

  • Ask for employee feedback
  • Look at profits vs. costs 
  • Analyze your active client list and dormant client list
  • Compare product and retail sales to months or years prior 
  • Take a physical tour of your salon to identify repairs needed 
  • Put yourself in the client’s shoes by sitting in your styling chairs and wash stations to evaluate the furniture’s comfort and vibe
  • Ask yourself: “Would I want to take and post a picture here?” 
  • Ask clients for feedback on services 
  • Compare services and prices to other competitive salons 
  • Check out online reviews
  • Double-check monthly, yearly and long-term goals

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How to Improve Your Salon Business

Now that you know how to identify which areas of your business that need to be enhanced, let’s break it down by sharing how you can improve the areas of your salon that are responsible for the most business growth. 

Improve Client Retention – Client retention is necessary for keeping your salon business healthy and thriving, but many salons struggle with retention rates. In order to improve retention, you need to identify what you aren’t doing correctly and how to get hair clients fast. You can do this by taking a look at your current client lists and clients who may have come in once or twice. Here are some ways to boost client retention: 

  • Offer promotions and specials on a regular basis 
  • Create a reward system for loyal clients
  • Keep up with clients on social media and through booking software 
  • Respond professionally to any and all complaints about your salon or services to avoid negative word of mouth and improve customer loyalty

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Improve Your Salon’s Aesthetic and Look – As you take a look around your salon, do you notice your stylists using salon supplies and equipment that is dated or not of the highest quality? If so, renovating your salon and replacing outdated equipment such as shampoo systems stylists use and supplies can drastically improve your business, employee morale and the quality of your services. Creating a more welcoming reception area can help improve the first impression you make on new clients, and help your current clients feel more relaxed while waiting.

Improve Your Salon’s Services and Pricing – If you have completed a market analysis of other salons and spas in the area to see where you differ, you may have identified ways that you can improve your services or add new ones. Adding new and trendy services to your offerings is a great way to bring in new business. With the addition of these new services, you can also expect to increase pricing. In order to get people into your salon, offer salon promotions that work to create buzz. Aside from adding new services, you can also improve your current offerings and salon’s customer service by gathering client feedback and checking out reviews online. 

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Improve Product and Retail Sales – If you compare your product and retail sales to the year or months prior and realize that you need to boost revenue and sales, there are a few ways to do this: 

  • Offer discounts and regular promotions on your products. 
  • Make sure stylists are educating clients on your products and organically weaving them into the services. 
  • Position your products in an attractive way with retail displays and shelving around the reception area. 

Improve Scheduling and Client Communications – Improving client communications and enhancing your scheduling processes and software can only stand to benefit your business. Here are ways that you can enhance these practices: 

  • Invest in scheduling and booking software that can handle bookings, payment, receipts and appointment reminders. 
  • Send out personalized thank you notes or appointment reminders to clients. 
  • Interact with clients on social media and via email. 

Improve Employee Morale – Your people are at the center of what you do, and they are critical to keeping your salon business thriving. So while boosting employee morale may not have a dollar sign next to it, it will drastically improve business in the long run. Here are some ways you can improve work conditions for your people:

  • Make sure employees are using beauty salon equipment that meets their needs.
  • Solicit feedback regularly. 
  • Reward employees consistently with bonuses, parties and perks. 
  • Showcase the work of your stylists on social media to promote their personal brands and show off their talents.

As a salon owner, you know what’s best for your salon and business going forward. We hope that these suggestions can help guide you to creating a booming business! Keep reading to learn about proven client retention strategies you should be using in your salon.

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