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How to Get Hair Clients Fast!

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Whether you just opened your salon or recently moved into a salon suite, you’re going to need some clever ways to attract new business. We’ve got you covered with this guide on how to get new clients into your salon or suite fast. 

Clients keep your business going, which is why it’s important to always keep your mind on how to build clientele. While social media and the internet have made it easier for salon owners and stylists to attract new clients and build an audience who wants their services, it’s also given potential clients access to any and every hair salon there could ever be. In other words, clients have so many options and accessibility when it comes to choosing their new favorite salon or stylist. 

But don’t worry! With these strategies, you will position yourself to stand out from the crowd and attract new clients. 

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  1. Create or Improve Your Website 

Do you or your salon have a website? If not, it’s a great idea to create one and make sure you have all of the relevant information a potential client could need to book your services. This includes your location, contact information, what you specialize in, and your list of services. If you have a website and you want to make it even more impressive to clients, add photos of your work, list your stylists and their specialties, and showcase your salon equipment. It may also be a good idea to outline potential prices. Make sure your social media accounts are listed as well because clients like to check out a salon on social media before they book with you. Your website should be thoughtfully designed, on brand with your salon and easy to navigate. Use your website to tell potential clients what makes your salon special and really sell them on why they should come to you. 

  1. Enhance Your Social Media Presence

If your salon or stylists aren’t on social media or you aren’t posting and interacting on these platforms — especially Instagram — you’re probably missing out on so many new clients. Encourage your stylists to post photos of their clients regularly and include their booking info and the salon’s location in their bios. Your salon’s main Instagram account should be filled with high-quality pictures of your clients that are posted consistently, along with relevant hashtags. Make sure your salon is insta-worthy as well by having clean and updated salon equipment. Posting photos of your salon or barbershop regularly informs potential clients that you have a clean, trendy and updated space. You will also need to include relevant booking information and the location in your bio. Social media for hair salons is extremely important to clients when they are choosing who to book with.

  1. Advertise on Social Media

If you have a standout social media presence, but the audience just isn’t there yet, try boosting a high-quality post with a promotion on Instagram or Facebook. These advertisements have a really good return on investment, and you get to choose exactly who you target. You could narrow your audience down into the exact city, age group and gender you would like to reach. 

  1. Offer Promotions

If you need to get people into your salon, one quick way to attract new clients is by offering a promotion or deal that gets people excited. You can offer a discount on a popular or new service for new clients. To make this promotion even more beneficial, put a duration on it — like a few weeks or a month — so that you can get people in the door sooner rather than later. Boost this promotion across your social media channels and website for more reach. 

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  1. Improve Your Salon Equipment and Overall Aesthetic 

Clients want to visit a clean, beautiful and updated salon because they want to feel relaxed and pampered. One way you could create this experience and draw in guests would be to update your salon chairs and equipment. New equipment will brighten your salon and make it more appealing to guests walking by. If you want to give your new salon the best equipment or refresh a space you’ve had for a while, salon equipment financing could be a great option to help you achieve your new look. 

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  1. Host a Grand Opening or Launch Party

If you just opened a new salon, you can create buzz around the space by hosting a launch or grand opening party. If you don’t want to throw a whole party, you could create a special promotion that you share with local neighborhood businesses that can spread the word about your new salon opening. 

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Good luck with getting new clients! Of course, it should be much easier now that you have these tried-and-true methods to getting new clients through your door! 

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