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How to Use Nature Led Hues in Your Salon Interior Design

How to Use Nature Led Hues in Your Salon Interior Design

As an extension of wellness centers, salons play an important role in a busy person’s world. Today all Americans are busy. The salon is a perfect place to leave the “to-do lists” at bay and focus on yourself. As a salon service provider/owner, embracing a restorative space is deeply appreciated by your clients and positively impacts your business. Nature is our resource for respite, so naturally the 2022 nature led hues provide an ambiance to refresh. Incorporating greens, browns, and blues can be achievable if you follow a formula, the 60-30-10 rule.

Embracing trends may be hard to capture as the world changes so quickly, but it is feasible to play with color in your spaces. Utilizing the 60-30-10 approach can lead your salon into an exciting new chapter, breathing in new life to your business. You select 3-4 colors for your color scheme and apply this rule to define your main color, secondary color and your accent color or colors. The main color is 60 percent of your space and can be on the walls, ceiling, and floors. The secondary color is half of your main color at 30 percent and can be found in your furnishings, accent walls, and floors. The accent color or colors, which is 10 percent, can be found in side chairs, lighting, artwork, or fabrics.

Studio 64 Salon & Spa In the image above you see white playing the main color role with teal green as the secondary color in the storage casework. The Evoque salon chairs in pebble black are the accent along with the red toned hair products. The Genesis double sided stations in white support storage needs and play into the 60 percent white color scheme.
The Salon by Drew Storin In this image you see cream walls as the 60 percent main and hunter green as the secondary color (30) in the trim and wallcovering. The accents are in the stainless steel Endeavor mobile double sided stations and round bases of the Aviator salon chairs. Let's look further at the nurturing colors of nature.


The color of vitality and rejuvenation, green enhances your space attracting clients who need respite. Our tech driven world is testing people more than ever before. The spa is the antithesis to the blue screens that surround us. Retreats that emulate the great outdoors can be created through actual foliage from green walls to snake plants that purify the air. Taking that extra step to promote good air quality can offset the chemicals that are being used in services that you offer. Color can be introduced in salon chairs that hug customers into comfort or by adding details to the chair with green toned cording. Promote a sense of calm by introducing color in casework, artwork or displays. You can impact your space with the color green in 60, 30, or 10 percent depending on how much you can alter.

Emma Salon Styling Chair The Emma salon styling chair in Sage with the 5-star base provides lumbar support for your client and comfortable upholstered armrests to sink in for their service.
Aviator Salon Styling Chair The Aviator salon styling chair in Spruce with round stainless steel base allows for your clients' upper back to settle in and take a load off.


The color of strength and resilience, brown tones ground your space. There is warmth and comfort in this supernatural hue that can connect your client with the earth resetting them in their day. Reclaimed woods, wicker, and leather can all bring elements of this tone. Different depths of brown can add warmth or richness. I am going to further subdivide brown into cooler toned and warmer toned.

Vantage Stainless Steel Shampoo System A cooler toned brown, such as saddle, can have a calming effect. The Vantage Stainless Steel Shampoo System in Saddle - a beautiful color that can easily be 60 or 30 percent of your palette. The lighter brown tone warms the space but also keeps things airy.
Cayman Shampoo System Looking into warmer toned browns, such as camel, not only grounds spaces as browns do, but also is a friendly, welcoming color. The Cayman Shampoo System with white bowl in camel compliments any space and envelops your customer in welcoming comfort.
Avant Salon Styling Chair The Avant styling chairs in a deeper shade of brown, camel, provide ergonomic comfort with the tilted back while anchoring the salon interior as the 30% color. The underlying oranges and yellows that make this rich color provides a nice rest for the blue screen bombarded eyes.

Creating a comfortable salon setting through color can be achieved when looking to the 60-30-10 rule in applying nature toned hues. The little nods to our beautiful Earth can rejuvenate and restore not only your busy clients but you and your staff as well. Minerva beauty has many varieties of furniture and fixtures that can serve functionally and add a wonderful aesthetic to your business.

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