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Salon Storage & Organization Ideas

salon shampoo area with storage shelving and drawers

Organized salon products are easier to use & more attractive to clients

Hair, nail and beauty salons are always hustling and bustling, which means things can easily get a little chaotic and unorganized, especially when you’re seeing so many clients on the hour, every hour. If you find that your stylists are running behind because their space is feeling cluttered or they spend a lot of time searching for products or supplies they need, you may want to think about how organizing and improving storage in your salon could positively impact employee morale and streamline your business.

Having the right storage in place can alleviate many pain points stylists and salon owners experience when it comes to maintaining and working at a busy salon. Plus your clients will feel more comfortable in an orderly and efficient salon where they can relax. With that being said, here are our favorite ways to boost salon storage and organization.

Styling Stations Optimized for Storage

All styling stations incorporate some level of storage (free-standing salon stations, wall-mount salon stations, etc), so to choose the best styling stations you need to decide how much storage you need at each station, and if you want your salon station storage to be mobile or stationary.

The next step is finding styling stations to fit your organization needs and also your salon's aesthetic. When it comes to organizational preferences, think about whether or not you want a countertop for your stylists to use at their stations. Or do you prefer they have minimal countertop space to minimize clutter? If you'll have stylists taking shifts at the same styling chair, you may want to consider mobile stations or trolleys. With hundreds of styling station options, you'll be sure to find the right station to suit your needs at Minerva Beauty.

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Here’s a preview of some of our most popular styling stations & accessories:


Hoffman Styling Station

Featuring sleek, modern, and functional style, the Hoffman Styling Station is the perfect addition to your salon space. Constructed from solid hardwood with brushed gold stainless steel accents.

Shop the Hoffman Styling Station

Nouveau Styling Station

Bring luxury, quality, and mid-century modern style to your salon with the free-standing Nouveau Styling Station. Featuring brushed gold stainless steel accents, ample storage space and elegant steel legs.

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Kamino Double Sided Station

Combining modern, luxurious style with functional design, the Kamino Styling Station has it all. This space-saving station also features hidden wheels on the bottom for easy mobility around your salon.

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Talbot Round Mirror

The Talbot Mirror features an elegant stainless steel frame in a brushed gold finish. Pair this mirror with any station from Minerva’s modern collection for a gorgeous look in your salon.

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Portofino Salon Trolley

The Portofino Salon Trolley is a great multi-purpose cart for stylists. Featuring 6 drawers, 4 color bowls with 6 color bowl holders, smooth-glide wheels, and a large workspace. Made in Italy.

Shop the Portofino Salon Trolley

Add Salon Cabinets to Create Storage

Cabinets are a great way to add more storage space precisely where you need it most. Minerva Beauty offers a wide range of cabinet styles including:

Not only are cabinets a versatile way to increase your salon storage options, they keep stored items out of sight and protected against dust, hair and products. You can use of the space on top of wall-mounted cabinets to display art or other décor accents. Our cabinets also come in a wide range of colors to align with your design aesthetic.

Shop All Storage Cabinets

Revamp Your Storage Closets & Rooms

If your salon has a storage closet or spare room where you keep product overflow and other supplies, reorganize it so your employees can quickly find what they need throughout the work day.

Tips for organizing your salon storage closet or room:

  • Install wall-mounted or rack shelving
  • Keep the most popular items near the front around eye level
  • Add more lighting so you can easily see everything
  • Use a color rack to organize lots of smaller items
  • Install hooks or pegs on the wall to hang things like dustpans, stepstools & aprons
  • Add a wall-mounted rack for handled cleaning tools like brooms & dusters
  • Install a tension rod or towel rack to create hangable storage
  • Hang a storage rack on the inside of the door

If you're not lucky enough to have a storage closet in your salon, consider making your own with a tall, freestanding storage locker in a back hallway or office.

Label Everything

As you begin to organize storage cabinets and closets, you may want to use baskets or clear plastic bins with lids to group items together, as well as a label so that stylists and other personnel can access and find products quickly without having to shuffle through everything in the closet.

There are so many labeling options available to help organize your salon supplies:

  • Adhesive chalkboard labels or chalkboard paint for editable labeling
  • Printed label stickers using a computer or label maker
  • Bookplate labels with inserts (for albums or boxes of documents)
  • Dry erase markers for labeling plastic bins or glass containers
  • Masking tape in different colors for simple color-coded labeling

Labeling not only makes it easier to find what you're looking for, it helps people put things back in the right place for next time.

salon storage cabinets and wall-mounted shelf behind shampoo stations
Wall-to-wall cabinets offer lots of storage space plus a countertop

How to Store Salon Equipment

Create a standard procedure for storing surplus salon equipment to keep everything clean and ready to use:

  • All tools should be sterilized and dried before going into storage
  • Use cord ties or clips to keep power cords neatly coiled
  • Put a dust cover on spare salon furniture before storing it
  • Read the label on all products and adhere to storage guidelines (some chemicals are sensitive to temperature, moisture, or light)

If you have quite a few items in backstock it can be helpful to keep a binder or spreadsheet with a list of what's in storage, so you can see what you have without digging in.

Portable Storage

Stylists are always moving around, and sometimes they need all of their products and tools to follow them. Salon trolleys are a great way to keep stylists’ products and tools in one place while also being able to move from station to station. Mobile styling stations offer even more storage space, and the wheels can lock in place while working. Portable shelving units are also a great way to add some extra storage under a bathroom sink or reception desk.

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Free Up Floor Space with Wall Shelves

If your salon floor plan is smaller and you don’t have a lot of room for free-standing shelves and cabinets, wall shelves can help you store products that are easily accessible and accommodate your salon’s layout. Retail shelving is also a good solution because it holds plenty of product and can include cabinet storage.

modern salon using styling stations and shelves to keep supplies organized
A clutter-free salon helps guests relax and enjoy their visit

Install a Coat Rack & Purse Holder

If your salon is always packed with clients, it may be smart to install a coat rack and purse storage area so that guests don’t have to lug around heavy bags or coats as they move from the styling station to the processing area and then the backwash stations. Keeping your guests' coats and bags in one place can also reduce the amount of clutter on the shop floor, which means stylists won’t have to worry about their clients’ personal items getting in their way.

Add a Magazine Rack or Bookshelf to the Waiting Area

While your guests wait, you will want to provide them with things like magazines or books to read. Instead of having magazines and books scattered across a table, you can organize them on a shelf to give the front of your salon a beautiful, neat and streamlined look.

Organizing a Small Salon

If you’re working in a smaller salon or a salon suite, staying organized is even more important. Use these small salon storage and organization tips to control clutter:

  • Take advantage of as much vertical space as possible with wall-mounted shelving, racks & cabinets
  • Consider ceiling mounted storage racks for backstock or rarely-used items
  • Create storage in unused areas like corners and beneath counters
  • Install hooks under cabinets for hanging tools & spray bottles
  • Make a habit of tidying up between clients and at the end of each day

Learn even more tips for maximizing space in a small salon suite, without sacrificing style.

Investing in new storage solutions or even renovating your existing storage methods can really have a positive impact on your business and employee morale. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get to decluttering your salon and streamlining workflow so that you can focus on the things that mean more to a busy salon owner like yourself! To learn more about optimizing your salon organization, check out our guide with simple rules that help hair salons run efficiently.

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