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The 10 Best Barber Chairs (2023)

Barber Chairs

Finding the right barber chairs to fill your shop requires you to pay attention to many fine details. Not only should barber chairs be comfortable, but they should be equally as stylish as they play a big role in how your barbershop looks and feels. 

Whether you are looking for modern and minimal barber chairs or you want a more traditional style that pays homage to the old-fashioned barbershops, you have come to the right place. Minerva Beauty stocks barber chairs in many different styles, price points and colors so you are sure to find a chair that suits your shop perfectly. 

But before you start looking for your new barber chairs, here are some factors to consider while shopping, as well as our best barber chairs of 2021. 

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Quality Aspects to Look for in Barber Chairs 

Keep these barber chair qualities in mind and prioritize them if you are in the market for new chairs. 

Comfort – Barber chairs should always prioritize comfort. Your clients want to feel comfortable and relaxed, whether their appointment is 20 minutes or an hour long. 

Quality – Quality matters – especially when it comes to seating. You want to ensure that your modern barber equipment will last for years, which is why it’s critical to invest in quality pieces.   Paying attention to the details is important. All Minerva Beauty barber chairs are equipped with reinforced double stitching, commercial-grade vinyls, steel reinforced frames, and high-density foam cushions with memory.

Style – What style would you say your barbershop has? Barber chairs play a big role in the aesthetics of your barbershop. 

Availability of Stock Parts – Even when purchasing high-quality barber chairs, there may be a chance that you will need spare stock parts down the road. You will want to know that these parts are easily accessible. 

Customer Service Support – Wherever you buy your new barber chairs and accessories like barbershop mirrors from, you want to make sure you can count on the customer service team. Knowing that you have the manufacturer's support when you make a big investment is key. 

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The Best Barber Chairs

Coppola II Barber Chair 


1. Coppola II Barber Chair 


If your barbershop goes for an edgier aesthetic, the Coppola II Barber Chair will make quite the impact in your space. 

Figaro Barber Chair 


2. Figaro Barber Chair 


The Figaro III Premium Hydraulic Barber Chair features a modern style that pays homage to traditional barbershops. Enjoy bright colors and intricate stitching. 

Zagato Barber Chair 


3. Zagato Barber Chair 


If your barbershop is swanky and luxurious, you need the Zagato Barber Chair. This elegant and comfortable chair is perfect for a dapper barbershop. 

Lusso Barber Chair


4. Lusso Barber Chair


Make your clients feel like royalty with the Lusso Barber Chair. Featuring gold hardware with black vinyl, this is the best seat in the house. 

Pagano Barber Chair 


5. Pagano Barber Chair 


Brighten up your barbershop with the Pagano Barber Chair. This seat is covered in smooth vinyl with a steel frame and chrome finish. 

Pagano Barber Chair 


6. Battista Barber Chair 


The tufted seat and smooth vinyl in a rich wine color of the Battista Barber Chair is a nod to traditional and old school barbershops with an elevated feel. 

Bisante Barber Chair 


7. Bisante Barber Chair 


Enjoy a traditional look with modern accents like white piping in the Bisante Barber Chair. This is a style that fits perfectly with a new school, swanky shop. 

Bisante Barber Chair 


8. Traditional Barber Chair 


Make sure your clients feel comfortable in style with the Traditional Barber Chair, which features dual tilting mechanisms and cushioned arm rests. 

Presidential Barber Chair 


9. Presidential Barber Chair 


Turn the traditional seat up a notch with the Presidential Barber Chair.

 Jupiter Barber Chair 


10. Jupiter Barber Chair 


Looking into the future, this ultra modern Jupiter Barber Chair is made in Italy and will make a sleek addition to any shop. 

Aside from the chairs we listed above, there are many other styles stocked in Minerva Beauty’s line of high quality barber chairs, which range in style and price that are sure to fit any budget and aesthetic. 

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