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The 13 Best Salon Chairs (2023)

Salon Chairs 

Are you in the market for modern salon chairs for your beauty business, spa or salon? If so, you have come to the right place. Not only does Minerva Beauty have an extensive range of high-quality salon equipment, but we also stock salon chairs that will fit all styles and aesthetics. 

Shop Minerva Beauty’s High-Quality Salon Equipment

If you want to make sure you are selecting the right salon furniture for your space, we are here to share exactly what goes into high quality salon chairs that are stylish, comfortable and versatile so that you can feel confident in your equipment as your beauty business grows. 

How to Tell if a Salon Chair Is High Quality 

As you shop for your new salon chair, keep these qualities in mind and prioritize them when you make your purchase. For even more detail and helpful insights (including dimensions and price range) check out our salon chair buying guide

Comfort – First and foremost, salon chairs should always be comfortable. Clients come to your place of business to relax and recharge. You want your clients to feel at ease during their appointment – whether it lasts 30 minutes or hours. 

Cleanability – Salons can get messy, which is why it’s critical for your salon chairs to be easily cleaned. Chairs with floating backs, open armrests, or gaps along the base of the seat cushion allow hair to be cleaned more easily.

Quality – You should only have to reinvest and replace equipment every five years or so, which is why paying attention to the details is important. All Minerva Beauty styling chairs are equipped with reinforced double stitching, commercial-grade vinyls, steel reinforced frames, and high-density foam cushions with memory. You want your equipment to last so that you can keep your focus on what matters most: your business. 

Base Options – Being able to customize your salon chair’s base is important if you want to prioritize a particular finish. Minerva Beauty offers over 10+ interchangeable base options for styling chairs ranging from basic round chrome to electric.

Style – Of course, aside from functionality, your salon chairs should look stylish and fit in well with your salon’s aesthetic. 

Availability of Stock Parts – If your salon styling chair is in need of new or spare parts, you are going to want to be able to easily order those parts so that it doesn’t disrupt your business. Minerva Beauty stocks all parts and accessories for salon styling chairs to make it quick and easy to get all the items you need.

Customer Service Support – Wherever you buy your new salon chairs from, you will want to make sure you understand how customer service is handled so that you feel confident in your purchase. Having thorough and readily available customer service support is critical in helping you maintain your equipment. Minerva has a dedicated customer service team available Monday-Friday from 9am-6pm EST at 888-332-0123. 

Shop Minerva Beauty’s Modern Salon Chairs

The Best Salon Chairs 

Astrid Salon Styling Chair 


1. Emma Salon Styling Chair 


If you’re looking for a stylish mid-century modern chair with a refreshing pop of color, the Emma Salon Styling Chair is right up your alley. With this style, you can also choose from a variety of bases. 

Astra Salon Styling Chair 

2. Astra Salon Styling Chair 


Is your salon chic and posh? If so, the Astra Salon Styling Chair will make the perfect addition to your salon. With its sleek and stylish look, this will elevate any space. 

Prado Salon Styling Chair 


3. Prado Salon Styling Chair 


Instead of a square back, opt for a unique circular shape with the Prado Salon Styling Chair, available in a variety of colors. This salon chair also has a small footprint for those with limited space. 

Astrid Salon Styling Chair 

4. Astrid Salon Styling Chair 


Designed with style and comfort in mind, the Astrid Styling Chair boasts a modern style perfect for a posh salon. With this seamless design, hair can be easily swept out without getting stuck in any cracks or crevices. 

Noble All Purpose Salon Styling Chair 


5. Noble All Purpose Salon Styling Chair 


If your salon boasts a vintage-flare vibe, and you’re looking for a chair to make a statement, look no further than the Noble All Purpose Salon Styling Chair. This chair features a unique design with studded embellishments. As an all-purpose chair, the Noble reclines as well which can be great for washing hair or lash, brow, and makeup services. 

Avant Salon Styling Chair 

6. Avant Salon Styling Chair 


Get comfort and sleek design with the Avant Salon Styling Chair. This chair comes in over 10 colors and brings a unique look to any space. 

Greta Salon Styling Chair 

7. Greta Salon Styling Chair 


Get angular with this stylish, Italian-made chair. The Greta Salon Styling Chair has a floating chair back that makes cleaning simpler.  

Aviator Salon Styling Chair 8. Aviator Salon Styling Chair 


Think old-fashioned with a modern touch with the Aviator Styling Chair, which comes in a variety of colors. With its seamless seat, hair can be cleaned out with ease. 

Vantage Salon Styling Chair 

9. Vantage Salon Styling Chair 


The Vantage Salon Styling Chair is a minimalist styling chair that belongs in a modern salon. Its simplicity makes it ultra stylish. 

Evora Styling Chair 



10. Evora Styling Chair 


Give your salon an upgrade with a fan-favorite. The Evora Styling Chair, which comes in a variety of colors. This chair is comfortable and easy to clean.

Venturi Salon Styling Chair 

11. Venturi Salon Styling Chair 


Make your clients feel like a star with the beautiful and elegant Venturi Salon Styling Chair. This chair is versatile, comfortable, and comes in many colors. 

Cinque Salon Styling Chair 

12. Cinque Salon Styling Chair 


The Cinque Salon Styling Chair was made for a posh boutique. Its stylish silhouette and luxe material makes the perfect addition to any upscale salon space. 

Churchill Styling Chair


13. Churchill Styling Chair


Looking for a more classic style? The Churchill Styling Chair will give a quintessential look to any modern salon space. The Churchill Salon Chair is also among our widest styling chair options. 

Whether one of the chairs above caught your eye or you are looking for a particular style, be sure to check out Minerva Beauty’s line of high quality salon chairs, which range in style and price that are sure to fit any budget and look. 

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