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The 6 Best Pedicure Chairs for Your Nail Salon

The 6 Best Pedicure Chairs for Your Nail Salon

Are you opening a nail salon or renovating your space and looking to fill your nail salon with new equipment? Either way, congratulations! Purchasing nail salon equipment and supplies is an exciting thing to do, especially because you know how dramatically it will improve your business and salon. 

If you’re shopping for pedicure chairs, look no further! Minerva Beauty has a wide selection of equipment that fits in perfectly with every type of salon aesthetic. Since there are so many options when it comes to choosing the perfect pedicure chair, we have broken it down to some of our favorite styles and kinds of chairs. 

These chairs not only allow you to provide the highest quality of service, but they will also look good alongside your other nail salon equipment

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The Best Pedicure Chairs for Nail Salons

Are you ready to dive into our best picks? These are the latest and greatest pedicure chairs that your people and clients will love.

1. Lana Pedicure Bench

If you have a modern and contemporary-looking nail salon, you’re going to want our Lana Pedicure Bench. This chair prioritizes clean lines and has a geometric look, which will mesh well with any mid-century modern salon. The chair comes in white and gray and is covered in smooth vinyl. The chair also features a round ceramic pedicure bowl. 

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J&A Petra GX Pedicure Spa 

2. J&A Petra GX Pedicure Spa 

For more traditional salons that provide luxe services, we highly recommend our J&A Petra GX Pedicure Spa. Featuring a diamond-quilted chair top with cherry wood arms, the chair balances form, function and style. The chair also includes an infiniti pipeless whirlpool and the capabilities to perform a shiatsu massage. This chair is incredible because it appeals to the client on the go with USB charge ports and extending trays and cup holders. This chair also comes in a variety of finishes and colors. When you order the J&A Petra GX Pedicure Spa, you also receive a complimentary stool. 

J&A Empress LE Pedicure Spa

3. J&A Empress LE Pedicure Spa

If you’re looking for a chic and luxe chair, look no further than the Empress LE Pedicure Spa Chair. It comes equipped with full-body shiatsu massage capabilities and satin-finished cherry wood armrests. The 4.5-gallon pedicure bowl has LED lighting and a dual-function spray/spout. 

Alexandria Pedicure Bench 

4. Alexandria Pedicure Bench 

For posh and modern spas, we highly recommend the Alexandria Pedicure Bench. This pedicure chair is a part of the Minerva Design series, which prioritizes comfort, modern design and quality. The bench features an oversized seat cushion and a stainless steel basin and faucet. It comes in a variety of colors and finishes, which makes it easily customizable for any salon. 

Continuum Maestro Opus Pipeless Pedicure Chair

5. Continuum Maestro Opus Pipeless Pedicure Chair

If your salon has a soothing and futuristic look to it, you’re going to love the Continuum Maestro Opus Pipeless Pedicure Chair. The pedicure spa features an LED-lit glass bowl, motorized footrests and the perfect ergonomics for technicians. This high-end pedicure chair comes in multiple wood and fabric finishes.

Continuum Echo LE Pipeless Pedicure Chair

6. Continuum Echo LE Pipeless Pedicure Chair

Take care of your clients in luxury with the Echo LEP Pedicure Spa by Continuum, which combines style, luxury and dependability. The chair not only has an electronically controlled shiatsu massage, but it’s also equipped with non-pipe technology. The chair comes in five different wood veneer or laminate options. 

There you have it! These chairs represent Minerva Beauty’s pedicure chair selection perfectly. However, there are many more styles that you can explore by checking out our selection of pedicure chairs

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