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The 9 Best Massage Tables

The 9 Best Massage Tables

Are you in the market for high-quality massage equipment? Look no further! Minerva Beauty is the go-to for all of your spa needs. 

In this article, we will be ranking the best massage tables so that you can make the best decision when it comes to investing in the right equipment for your business. 

Your staff and clients are going to love these aesthetically pleasing and comfortable massage tables. Our massage tables are also versatile and allow you to use different massage room decor ideas to make your space inviting. 

Prepare for business to grow as the importance of self-care remains strong and more people are booking massages now more than ever. 

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The Best Massage Tables

These Minerva Beauty Brand massage tables will make the perfect addition to any salon or spa.

1. The Seabrook Ultra Premium Electric Massage Table

This dapper massage table will elevate any space. Constructed with European Beech wood and stained in walnut, this table is not only elegant, but it’s also comfortable with 3” thick cushions and vinyl upholstery. The electric chair is controlled through the pneumatic lift, making it easy to adjust for any client or personnel.


Equipro Infinity Electric Massage Bed 

2. Equipro Infinity Electric Massage Bed 

If you’re looking for a versatile and chic massage bed, look no further than the Equipro Infinity Electric Massage Bed. This electric bed is perfect for pedicures, facials and massages. It comes in a variety of colors that will match with your spa furniture. The height of the chair is controlled with foot pedals and can be easily adjusted up or down to accommodate any client. The backrest is controlled via remote control.  

Equipro Divine Electric Massage Table


3. Equipro Divine Electric Massage Table

The Equipro Divine Massage bed is a multi-purpose spa treatment table, which makes it versatile. The massage bed features four padded cushions for added client comfort. This multi-purpose table can be laid flat in a fully reclined position or seated.

Equipro Murano Electric Massage Bed 


4. Equipro Murano Electric Massage Bed 

If you loved the last two massage beds, but you were hoping to find a good mix of both, check out the Equipro Murano Electric Massage Bed. This combines the best of both worlds with heavily padded armrests, a completely silent adjusting system and extra storage with the bottom wooden compartment. You can count on this massage table to elevate your massage business

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Sonesta Electric Massage Table 


5. Sonesta Electric Massage Table 

If you’re looking for a massage table with no frills that you can count on to deliver quality service for years to come, look no further than the Sonesta Electric Massage Table. This table is also versatile with headrest outlets on both ends of the table. 

Equipro Royal Electric Massage Bed


6. Equipro Royal Electric Massage Bed

The Equipro Royal Electric Massage Bed was created to seamlessly blend style, functionality and comfort in any spa. The noiseless system features four padded cushions, covered in vinyl with fully electric capabilities. Estheticians can easily adjust the armrests, headrests and table itself. 

Kiawah Ultra Premium Electric Massage Table

7. Kiawah Ultra Premium Electric Massage Table

For an elevated spin on the traditional, no-frills massage table, the Kiawah Ultra Premium Electric Massage Table has high-quality finishes and comfortable cushioning. This table features European Beech wood stained in walnut for a luxe look with headrest outlets on both ends, making it versatile and sleek. This massage table is also portable and can be moved to accommodate layout changes. 

Woodloch Stationary Massage Table 

8. Woodloch Stationary Massage Table 

This comfortable massage table makes an elegant addition to any spa. With open storage and a face cradle with an armrest, the Woodloch Stationary Massage Table prioritizes your client’s comfort. 

Nayara Portable Massage Table 

9. Nayara Portable Massage Table 

For massage therapists on the go or spas that are short on space, the Nayara Portable Massage Table is a versatile addition to any spa. This portable table doesn’t compromise quality for convenience. Made with European Beech wood, this piece is sturdy and comfortable. 

Which one of these luxe, high-quality massage tables belongs in your spa? Most of these tables are customizable in terms of color, which means you can find and create a massage table that fits in seamlessly with your spa’s existing design. 

Check out our massage table buying guide for helpful insights that will help you find the best option for your business.

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