Both spa professionals and clients can agree that aside from the massage therapy skills and techniques you’ve honed and practiced over time, the massage table is the most essential tool that can make or break a customer’s massage treatment experience. As you shop for this vital piece of spa equipment, there are many important factors to consider:

  • What type of massage table do you need?
  • What is the price range for quality massage tables, and what price point does your budget allow?
  • What massage table dimensions will work best for you and your space?

We understand this may seem a bit overwhelming, which is why we’ve put together a massage table buying guide that answers these important questions and provides the insight you need to select the best massage table for your business!

Different Types of Massage Tables

There are many different types of massage tables on the market to meet the diverse needs of massage therapists and their clients. Here’s a breakdown so you can focus on the type of massage table that aligns with the preferences of your staff and clientele:

Portable vs Stationary Massage Tables

When choosing a massage table, the first order of business is deciding whether you need a portable massage table or a fixed/stationary massage table.

Portable Massage Tables

Just as the name suggests, a portable massage table is ideal for therapists who travel to and from different locations, providing their clients with the convenience and comfort of in-home massage services. Usually weighing 30 lbs or less, a portable massage table’s lightweight structure provides therapists with ease and convenience when traveling from client to client, and its functional design makes setting up and breaking down the table a breeze.

black massage table Nayara Portable Massage Table: With an easy stowaway design constructed of solid European beech wood, this portable massage table features height adjustment, a 3.5" thick multi-layered cushion for maximum client comfort, durable vinyl upholstery, rounded corners, reinforced carrying handles, face cradle, and a ballistic nylon carrying case with shoulder strap for easy portability.
Equipro Bohemia White Massage Chair Equipro Bohemia Massage Chair: With a lightweight aluminum build that is extremely easy to set up and fold, this multi-function massage table features a manually adjustable backrest and comes equipped with a transport cover and carrying case.

Stationary Massage Tables

Stationary massage tables are heavier and more durable since they are designed to be used in a permanent location such as a spa business or wellness center. While stationary massage tables tend to be more expensive, their high-quality structure stands the test of time in the busiest spa environments and can provide additional luxurious features including built-in storage cabinets and thicker cushioning.

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Tilt-Back vs. Flatbed Massage Tables

After deciding on a portable or stationary massage table, your next step is choosing between the two types of massage table models – a tilt-back or a flatbed.

Tilt-Back (Reclining) Massage Tables

Tilt-backs are extremely versatile massage table models equipped with features that allow enhanced client positioning throughout a spa treatment. This not only boosts the overall comfort for both clients and therapists but also expands the list of services a spa can provide.

A massage table with a tilting back can be adjusted to allow the client to lay flat or sit upright, and oftentimes includes a removable headrest as well as removable armrests. This multifunctional massage table model can be used for a variety of treatments and services including acupuncture, reflexology, skin care services, physical therapy, and more.

Flatbed Massage Tables

If standard and classic is more your speed, then the flatbed massage table model is the one for you. The flatbed model is a minimalist's dream with a simple yet sturdy design both therapists and clients are acquainted with. Flatbeds do not have tilting capabilities, therefore, the client lays horizontally throughout their massage treatment. Note: Most (if not all) portable massage tables are flatbed models.

Adjustable Massage Table Features: Electric vs Manual

Almost every massage table on the market today is designed with features that are adjustable, whether it be height adjustment, reclining/tilting backrest, lift-controlled leg rests, etc. Your biggest decision when looking for a massage table is deciding how you prefer to operate these features, electrically or manually, and which control method works best for your needs, work environment, and budget.

Electric Massage Tables

We live in a technologically advanced society, so naturally, an electric massage table sounds the most ideal and user-friendly given the features are controlled by the push of a button or even a remote control. However, even though electric massage tables ensure a higher quality standard with the latest innovative adjustability features, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best and most functional for you and your career as a spa professional.

Electric massage tables are much heavier in weight and much higher in price than manually adjustable massage tables. These multi-functional massage tables are great for therapists who provide a variety of services that utilize the many adjustable features, and only work out of one location.

Manual Lift Massage Tables

Since manual massage tables, for obvious reasons, have been around much longer than electric, the market provides a variety of manually adjustable treatment table designs that range from simple and standard to multifunctional and packed with the same innovative adjustable features as electric tables (just with a more hands-on experience). 

Manual massage tables often have a lighter carrying weight (ideal for on-the-go massage professionals) and are usually more affordable compared to electric massage table models. However, like the electric massage table examples shown above, manual massage tables vary in design, style, features, and adjustability operation.

black stationary massage table with cherry frame (Woodloch) The Woodloch Stationary Massage Table’s classic design stands the test of time in every spa environment when it comes to durability, comfort, and functionality. Equipped with double leg-lock knobs to ensure stability and client safety, this reliable flatbed model features a manually adjustable height that ranges from 24”-33”.
tan massage table with top crank and cabinet base The Living Earth Craft Napa Salon Top Treatment Table with Cabinet Base offers a full range of spa services virtually anywhere where power is not readily available. Designed with a manual hydraulic lift system and fold-away handle, smooth and quiet height adjustments, ranging from 25.25"-36.25”, are easily accomplished with the client on the table, with only a few revolutions of the sturdy fold-away handle.

Massage Table Frame Material: Wood vs Steel/Aluminum

Deciding on the base material when buying a massage table is usually one of the easiest choices for therapists because it just depends on your aesthetic preferences. With the modernized designs and variety of massage tables on the market today, choosing between a massage table with a wood frame or a metal frame doesn’t compromise your selection when it comes to the quality, strength, function, durability, or model type. Simply decide which style best suits your taste and work environment.

Wood Frame Massage Tables 

Wooden frame massage tables are available in different wood stains and finishes.

tan massage table with wooden base—Living Earth Craft Pro Salon Cuvee Massage Table Living Earth Craft Pro Salon Cuvee Massage Table
Designed with a solid hardwood pecan-stained base that has been enhanced with waved end panels and inlay-designed cabinet doors, the Pro Salon™ Cuvée Treatment Table comes standard with premium features including whisper-silent Quietech™ hydraulic lift actuators, a fully adjustable electric salon top with 4" Strata™ memory foam cushioning, PowerPort™ surge protected outlets, and hot towel cabi-ready storage.
tan massage table with shelf base—Living Earth Crafts Napa Flat Top Crank Table with Shelf Base Living Earth Crafts Napa Flat Top Crank Table with Shelf Base
With an elegant hardwood design, this multipurpose treatment table features a flat 32" tabletop covered in ultra-durable Comfort-Flex™ upholstery, 3.5" of deluxe cushioning for maximum client comfort, and a sturdy and spacious natural maple-stained shelf base equipped with plenty of open storage for spa towels, massage bolsters, personal items, and more.

Metal Frame Massage Tables

Stationary metal massage table bases are made from solid steel while portable metal massage table frames are constructed from lightweight aluminum.

black electric massage table—Sonesta Electric Massage Table Sonesta Electric Massage Table
Constructed with a sturdy white steel frame, this sleek and stylish electric massage table features a 3" thick multi-layered cushion, durable vinyl upholstery, rounded corners, wired foot controller, headrest outlets on both ends, and includes a cushioned face cradle, padded headrest, and a neck bolster.
gray hydraulic massage bed—Equipro Multi-Comfort Hydraulic Bed Equipro Multi-Comfort Hydraulic Bed
The Equipro Multi-Comfort Hydraulic Bed will give your skin care, massage, or therapeutic practice the flexibility you need to serve your clients fully. Designed with a solid steel hydraulic frame, this tilt-back treatment table is equipped with a backrest that can be manually adjusted and a headrest that can be removed for ease of access to the neck, back, and face.

Spa Facial Beds for Massage

If you’re a massage therapist interested in adding skin care treatments to your list of services, an esthetician wanting to venture into massage therapy, or a spa owner or independent professional in need of a versatile piece of equipment that can be used for a variety of different services, we’re here to let you know our collection of Spa Facial Beds can be utilized in all of these scenarios and then some. Most of our spa facial beds are equipped with all the features necessary to provide a wide range of spa services including facials and skin care, massage therapy, body treatments, and more.

white massage table in a massage studio

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Massage Table Sizes & Weight Limits

When buying a massage table, it is essential to consider all massage table dimensions including height, length, width, weight (how much the massage table weighs), as well as the table’s weight limit and capacity (how much weight the massage table can hold – also known as the “working weight”). Just like when selecting the type of massage table, your ideal massage table dimensions will be comfortable, functional, and tailored to your physical requirements, the size of your working environment, and the needs of your clientele.

Standard Massage Table Size

The standard dimensions of a massage table are generally 30 inches wide by 72 inches long with heights anywhere from 22-38 inches (about 76 cm wide by 183 cm long, with height from 56-97 cm). Many massage tables in Minerva Beauty’s collection fall into this standard massage table size range, including:

Woodloch Stationary Massage Table

  • Height Range: 24”-33”
  • Footprint:
    • 30”W x 72”L (without headrest)
    • 30”W x 82”L (with headrest)

Nirvana Adjustable Deluxe Massage Table

  • Height Range: 24.5"-34"
  • Footprint:
    • 27.5"W x 72"L (without arms and headrest)
    • 36"W x 83"L (with arms and headrest)

As mentioned earlier, many massage table designs are equipped with electric or manual adjustments that provide a range of massage table heights. There are also various massage table accessories, such as armrests and headrests, that can be removed from the table at the therapist’s convenience affecting both the width and the length of the massage table. Minerva Beauty’s massage table selection has been curated to offer designs that suit the needs of every massage therapist and spa professional.

Massage Table Width

While it is important to ensure the width of your massage table accommodates the range of body types you’ll come across in your practice, it’s equally important to consider your own physical stature. Make sure the width of your massage table allows you to treat clients effectively and efficiently without putting strain on your body. Ultimately, the width of your massage table depends on your preference, however, a good rule of thumb to follow is:

  • Massage therapists of average height (anywhere between 5’5” and 5’9”) are most comfortable working with massage table widths in the 27-30 inch range (standard-sized models mentioned above).
  • Massage therapists shorter than average (5’4” and under) are most comfortable either working on a standard-sized massage table or a narrower massage table with a width of 27” or less, such as the Equipro Multi-Comfort Hydraulic Bed.
  • Massage therapists taller than average (5’10” or taller) should consider a wider massage table design with a width of 31” or more, such as Living Earth Crafts Serenity Salon Top Massage Table with Cabinet Base.

Massage Table Height

As previously mentioned, the height of most massage tables ranges between 22-38 inches. Your massage table’s height is just as crucial as the width, and needs to accommodate both you and your client. When thinking about how high a massage table should be, consider your height and find a massage table with a height range that falls at or around your hip joint.

Massage therapists taller than average height may feel more comfortable working with a massage table with a maximum adjustable height range of 39”, such as Equipro’s Infinity, Divine, and Royal Electric Massage Tables.

Massage therapists shorter than average height should consider a massage table with a minimum adjustable height range less than the standard 22”, such as the Sonesta Electric Massage Table (16.5” minimum height) and the Amelia Electric Massage Table with Tilting Back (16” minimum height). This lower height range can also be helpful for older clients, or clients with disabilities that make getting onto and off of a massage table more challenging.

Once you’ve determined the massage table size that works best for you and your clients, and have the dimensions of the space you’ll be working in, use Minerva’s 2D Space Planner to lay out and furnish your floor plan with Minerva equipment - including the full massage table collection.

Massage Table Weight

There are 2 categories of weight to consider when buying a massage table – the carrying weight and the working weight.

Carrying Weight

The carrying weight is how much the actual massage table weighs. The carrying weight is only an important factor if you’re a mobile massage therapist. A general rule is that massage tables that weigh 30 pounds or less are considered portable, such as the Nayara Portable Massage Table and the Equipro Bohemia Massage Chair.

Massage Table Working Weight

Whether you’re shopping for a portable massage table or a stationary massage table, the working weight is crucial and must always be considered. The working weight (aka “safe working load”) is how much weight a massage table can hold, including the weight of the client plus the pressure/weight applied by the therapist.

The average massage table working weight ranges between 300-600 lbs. To ensure your massage table has a working weight that is suitable for you, calculate your weight plus the weight of a client, as well considering your massage style and all the services you provide. If your services include massages that require a lot of pressure, including sports massage or deep tissue massage, then a table with a higher working weight is essential.

Minerva Beauty massage tables have the working weight clearly listed in the product description.

Massage Table Pricing

With the wide range of massage table types, models, designs and features we’ve covered in this guide, I’m sure it’s not surprising to learn that how much a massage table costs varies as well. Across the board, portable massage tables are more affordable than stationary massage tables with prices ranging from $200 to $400. The average price range of stationary massage table models can range anywhere from $500 to $3,000, depending on the type of table and features.

Factors affecting the price of a massage table include: 

  • Adjustability features and how these operations are controlled (manual vs. electric)
  • Included massage accessories that can be removed with ease and convenience (headrests, armrests, bolsters, etc.)
  • Features of the massage table base such as wheels, storage options (open shelf vs closed storage drawers and cabinets)
  • Design quality and finish of the wood or steel/aluminum material used for the base and framing 
  • Carrying weight (the lighter the table the lower the cost – hence portable models’ affordability)
  • Working weight (heavier built stationary tables usually have a higher working weight, which results in higher costs)

There are even massage tables on the market, such as Living Earth Crafts Century City Massage Table, priced at $8,000+ with high-end luxury features like an LED color-changing chromatherapy lighting system and built-in digital warming drawers for towels, massage stones, and/or dry spa linens.

At this point in our Massage Table Buying Guide, you have a better understanding of the type of massage table you’re looking for as well as the product features you need vs the ones you can likely go without. Minerva’s massage table selection provides the range and variety you need with several spa and salon equipment financing options available so you can get the massage table of your dreams without the nightmare of financial stress. Enjoy both a massage table and payments that work FOR you…it’s a win/win situation.

Massage Table Brands

Our collection of massage tables includes a line of premium Minerva Beauty branded equipment, as well as some of the industry’s most reliable, high-quality, and well-known brands on the market today.

Minerva Beauty

Founded in 2006, Minerva Beauty manufactures and distributes spa and salon equipment to the beauty industry, including our own branded massage tables and facial beds—each one backed by a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. Additionally, with our large on-hand inventory and ability to ship most orders same day (depending on product availability and time of day order is placed), purchasing a Minerva Beauty brand massage table guarantees faster shipping times in comparison to the other brands we carry. As a trusted equipment provider for over 175,000 spas, salons, and barbershops worldwide, Minerva sets the standard for providing quality furnishings at an attainable price with exceptional service, efficiency, and selection.

The first 12 products in our massage tables category are manufactured by Minerva Beauty, as are the last 3 (the Nayara, the Kiawah Ultra, and Amelia models).

Living Earth Crafts

Living Earth Crafts is the world's most recognized manufacturer of spa equipment and has led the way in environmentally-friendly product innovation by using eco-friendly materials and processes to produce sustainable furniture including massage and spa treatment tables, esthetician trolleys, spa carts, portable massage tables, and more. Minerva Beauty is proud to carry a selection of LEC furnishings, including massage tables that combine bespoke finishes with practical features for the therapist and unsurpassed comfort for the guests.


For more than fifty years, Equipro has manufactured high-end spa equipment that combines quality, innovation, design, and technology. As a trusted and qualified distributor of Equipro equipment, Minerva Beauty is proud to carry an extensive line of Equipro branded products including facial beds, technician stools, spa trolleys, esthetician equipment, massage tables and more.

How to Make a Massage Table Comfortable

a very comfortable-looking black massage table with gray linens

Massage tables are designed with comfort in mind, however, there are plenty of massage accessories available to further enhance the client’s treatment, relaxation, and overall experience:

Massage Table Cushion Thickness

The thickness of the massage table cushion varies from table to table. The standard massage table cushion thickness is 2”. All massage tables in Minerva Beauty’s collection have above average cushion thickness, ranging from 3”-6”!

Caring for Your Massage Table

Once you’ve invested in a massage table, it’s important to know how to properly clean and care for it— not only to maintain your massage table’s pristine condition for the long haul but also to ensure a safe and clean work environment for both you and your clients.

Caring for your massage table is simple, and we’ve made it even easier by listing routine maintenance tips every spa professional and massage therapist should follow.

Store your massage table at room temperature. Extreme temperatures (brutally hot or bitterly cold) can severely damage your table as well as void your warranty. This tip applies more to traveling therapists with portable massage tables – at the end of your work day, just remember to unload your massage table from your car and store it indoors!

ALWAYS clean and disinfect your massage table between clients. Lotions, oils, sweat, dirt and other types of residue can be unavoidable when working in massage therapy and will inevitably get onto your massage table. In between appointments, take a few minutes to properly clean and sanitize your massage table to prevent the spread of germs and protect the upholstery.

What’s safe to use and properly disinfect your massage table? 

Here are the do’s and don'ts when it comes to cleaning and sanitizing massage table surfaces:



  • Use so much cleaner that you saturate or soak your massage table’s upholstery. Use just enough to clean the surface.
  • Use any cleaners that include alcohol, chlorine, or citrus ingredients. Harsh chemicals dry out the vinyl on a massage table, causing the upholstery to crack and/or bubble.

Where to Buy a Massage Table

Now we’ve reached the easiest part. Where can you buy a massage table? At Minerva Beauty, of course! We offer a wide range of adjustable hydraulic or electric lift massage tables, all backed by a hassle-free warranty, with fast shipping on most orders and financing available.

Whether you need a stationary table for your spa or a portable option for your mobile business, our massage beds are designed with ergonomics, function and style in mind. Many of our massage tables also make great treatment tables for facials and other services - find out how to choose the best treatment table for your spa. Shop our massage table collection online or visit our showroom to browse and test out Minerva brand massage tables in-person. Connect with our representatives today!