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Trending Now: Bring Curves to Your Salon Interior Design

round shapes salon interior design trend

Round shapes

People are looking forward to visiting your salon. They are anticipating the “Me time” and tabling their to-do lists. To greatly enhance the all-too-important client salon experience is to do it with subtle touches in your space. Rounded forms that appear in salon furniture, fixtures, decorative items, or patterns convey the notion of a “friendly” space. If you think about it, a circle has no end or beginning and suggests free flowing movement. It is a nice juxtaposition to most rooms that tend to be rectilinear.

In this image to the right, one can sense movement. The half circle might be rocking, the circle might be rolling to the left. It is a playful piece all together. The base half oval might hold up the whole installation at a specific spot. Introducing these forms can set a mood in your space that is energizing and happy like a dance. For example, having a straight edge near a curved form helps to accentuate the curves. See the pairing of these rounded and straight elements in the lifestyle images below and how they create beautifully energized spaces.

Library Curved Interior Design In the image of the library wall above, the arched Palladian window is encased within a rectangular drywall that is flanked by shelves. The straight edges highlight the curves of the window.
Salon Interior Design In this spacious salon, each styling station is divided with these interesting rectilinear screens with an arched mirror, once again putting the focus on the curved form. The addition of the rounded Venturi salon chair completes this happy dance of elements.

Minerva offers many products that can soften your salon space with curve appeal. With Minerva’s wide selection of salon furnishings available in a variety of shapes and styles, incorporating rounded elements in order to create an inviting and friendly space is easier than ever. Utilizing Minerva equipment, see examples on how to seamlessly achieve the curved appeal trend with different furnishings throughout your space.

Styling Chairs

The human body is not a straight line, so to welcome your customer, you need to look into seating with ergonomic support. Thankfully Minerva offers a variety of salon styling chairs that provide comfort and aesthetics through strategically incorporated curves.

Corsa Salon Styling Chair The Corsa Salon Styling Chair features a gently scooped seat with floating tilted backrest and t-shaped footrest, giving clients the perfect support to relax and let go. The curves are welcoming to say the least.
Cinque Salon Styling Chair The Cinque Salon Styling Chair invites one in with its graceful arched backrest that flows into the armrests. It is an elegant addition of rounded forms that compliment any salon space.

Accompany these salon styling chairs with Minerva’s selection of anti-fatigue mats with a semi circle, half moon shape, gracefully adding style, comfort, and function.

Styling Stations and Salon Mirrors

In addition to styling chairs paired with anti-fatigue mats, styling stations and salon mirrors can add soft flowy lines. Together with styling chairs, stations and mirrors mark each stylist’s and customer’s zones. Subtly inviting them into these zones with rounded forms playfully enlivens their space.

Brookhaven II Salon Styling Station The Brookhaven II Styling Station paired with an arched mirror compliments each other with matching brass hardware and framing. Both provide simple lines that create a no fuss elegance. The Venturi styling chair shown in Cashmere nicely frames the whole zone out.
Hoffmann Salon Styling Station The Hoffmann Styling Station provides a firm base that supports and highlights the circle mirror. Both have coordinating brass elements that strike the pieces with delicacy. The curved arms on the Murano salon chair and swooping footrest offer inviting appeal and style.

Shampoo Systems

The shampoo area of the salon is always welcoming as it is about washing away the day and getting ready for a nice renewed, refreshed client. These are statement opportunities in a salon and can be areas of high style.

Avant Shampoo System This beautiful salon interior with its arched shelving storage flanked by the Avant Shampoo System once again demonstrates the mixing of rectilinear lines against curves accentuating the curve. The basins have a gentle curve to cradle the head and the seating has a nice deep recline to allow one to enjoy the comfort of the system.
Eros Shampoo System The Eros Shampoo System is an elegant backwash with swooping arms and a two toned palette option which accentuates the curved lines. The recline is gentle, allowing the client to ease into their treatment.

Playful curves flanking your salon space can create an appealing respite. Using straight lines to frame your curved elements, whether it be a salon mirror or styling chairs, can only set these objects apart and support your inviting ambiance. Embracing rounded forms in salon furnishings, fixtures, systems or in architectural details create a more welcoming space that is enjoyed by clients and staff alike.

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