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Why the Minerva Mobile Color Trolley Went Viral on TikTok

Minerva Mobile Color Trolley

TikTok is the fastest growing social media app and the world’s leading destination for short-form mobile videos. From discovering trends and must-have products (#TikTokMadeMeBuyIt) to finding entertaining content covering every topic imaginable, this influential and constantly transforming platform serves a variety of purposes and Minerva Beauty wanted to join in on the fun. We started creating content that followed the latest TikTok trends and incorporated Minerva products, hair humor, salon hacks, and other things of the sort. Then, one of our TikToks featuring the Minerva Mobile Color Trolley went VIRAL with 15.4M+ views. Suddenly, the views on our other TikToks showcasing this trolley began skyrocketing (over 23M views to date and counting). So why did the Minerva Mobile Color Trolley go viral on TikTok? Check out some of the reasons we think the Minerva Mobile Color Trolley is so popular below.

Hair Resistant, Smooth-Glide Wheels

A salon cart with wheels that don’t catch hair is a hairdresser’s dream, and the Minerva Mobile Color Trolley turns that dream into a reality. Equipped with 5 innovative hair resistant smooth-glide wheels, stylists can enjoy clean and effortless mobility around the salon without the annoyance of hair getting swept up in the wheels.

Color-Proof and Water-Proof

Working with hair color can be tricky. After you work your hair color magic on your client, they walk away with flawless hair while you’re left with color stain splatters all over your equipment. With the Minerva Mobile Color Trolley, hair color stains and splatters are a thing of the past. This trolley is designed with color-proof and water-proof materials, so no matter how messy things get, it can be wiped clean without any hair color stains left behind.

Innovative Features

Taco Trolley TikTok Click Here to Watch

Along with being color-proof, water-proof, and equipped with hair resistant wheels, the Minerva Mobile Color Trolley further impresses with innovative features that are, well, viral-worthy. These product features include a built-in foil dispenser that allows you to measure a precise foil length, then cuts the foil and even crimps the edge to make it easier to fit over your comb. This trolley also includes a mini waste bin for easy disposal, four removable color bowls, and built-in comb and brush holders.

Multi-Purpose Use

A final reason we believe the Minerva Mobile Color Trolley is trending on the TikTok scene is because of it’s functional, multi-purpose use. While it is a must-have color trolley for salons, barbershops, and every beauty business in between, one of our followers mentioned that the built-in foil dispenser and other features of the trolley made her think of tacos at first glance. This led us to create a TikTok in response to her comment where we jokingly showed the Minerva Mobile Color Trolley being used as a taco trolley...and it went viral. Check out the TikTok that started the Minerva Mobile Color Trolley’s claim to fame!

TikTok can definitely have a mind of its own, and most of the time there isn’t an exact reason something goes viral. However, we do know the Minerva Mobile Color Trolley is equipped with some amazing features, so it makes sense that it caught so much attention. If the Minerva Mobile Color Trolley piqued your interest and you want to learn more, click the button below! We also have a buying guide to help you choose the best salon trolley for your space.

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