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How to Pick the Right Salon Trolley

four collapsible salon service trays in a hair salon filled with natural light

Salon trolleys, carts and trays may not be the biggest investment you’ll make in terms of price, but based on how often they’re used it’s worth finding the best possible version! Whether you’re equipping your own suite or a multi-chair salon, the right storage trolley, color cart or service tray makes a big difference in day-to-day efficiency and client experience.

Picking the Right All-Purpose Salon Trolley

There’s a wide range of trolley carts available, with versatile features that make life easier whether you provide coloring, cutting, styling, makeup, lashes and more!

Things to consider when narrowing down your options:

  • Smooth-gliding wheels that won’t collect hair or dust
  • Lightweight build & slimline wheels (or swivel casters) for fluid mobility
  • Storage that suits your needs: cabinets, drawers, bins & tool holders
  • Trolleys with locking doors can be ideal for shared spaces or mobile stylists
  • For waxing services: a large open shelf or top that can support a wax warmer
  • Appliance holders if you need to keep a hair dryer & other hot tools on hand
  • Work surface with raised edges to keep tools & supplies secure when rolling
Italian-made Verona salon trolley with hair-proof wheels, 6 drawers and compartments on top

The Italian-made Verona Salon Trolley has 6 sliding drawers you can access from both sides or convert 2 into trays for added work surface on top. The optional appliance rings are even more versatile with the aluminum appliance holder add-on. Comes in all-black, or black with cappuccino drawers.

hair stylist training workshop with multiple salon trolleys, mannequin heads, styling chairs and mirrors

Our best-selling Portofino Salon Trolley is made in Italy and comes in 4 different color combos. It’s colorproof, lightweight and strong with 6 large drawers accessible from both sides. With 6 color bowl/dryer holders, drawer dividers and an open work surface, the Portofino helps keep you organized and mobile!

black salon cart with 2 locking doors, wheels, work surface and equipment shelves on the sides

Our sturdy metal Mobile Locking Cart has 2 locking cabinet doors with 6 removable trays inside, plus 4 side storage bins and a large open work surface. Perfect for storing makeup, microblading supplies, cutting tools and much more!

wheeled stainless steel salon trolley with appliance holders and laser-cut design on one side

Our Gemini Stainless Steel Salon Cart has large storage cabinets, a large flat work surface, low-profile locking casters and a handy appliance holder you can place on the left or right side. The high polish and laser-cut front design adds modern glam along with plenty of space for your supplies.

wheeled gray laminate salon trolley with three large drawers with metal accents, appliance holder and large open work surface

Our Mansfield Salon Trolley provides plenty of storage and design flexibility featuring two large drawers above a spacious lower cabinet with adjustable shelf. Add an optional side-mounted appliance holder and choose from multiple color options for the laminate exterior and metal accents.

stainless steel wheeled salon cart with three large open shelves

Keep things simple with the Cassia Stainless Steel Cart: it has a sturdy stainless steel frame with three large open shelves and smooth-rolling locking casters. This salon trolley is perfect for many types of services, easy to clean and an amazing value!

Shop all salon trolley carts to explore even more options.

Choosing the Best Color Tray

Hair salon color carts are designed specifically for coloring services, to keep your supplies organized and make your process more efficient.

Here’s what to look for when choosing a color cart or tray:

  • Durable materials & sturdy construction with a stable base
  • Color-proof surfaces
  • Removable mixing bowls with secure holders & enough space between them
  • Tool holders for combs & brushes
  • Additional storage compartments
  • Foil dispenser/cutter
  • Built-in waste receptacle or bottom shelf for trash bin
  • Smooth gliding wheels or casters
wheeled salon color cart with black plastic upper including bowls, bolw holders and open compartment and a square stainless steel shelf at the base

Our Nomura Salon Service Tray is made from heavy-duty plastic with a stainless steel base and tray, plus a center well you can use for trash or storage.

salon color tray in black plastic with multiple compartments, shelves that swivel out from the top and a 5-star base with easy-glide wheels

Our Italian-made Beauty Case Trolley has 2 rotating trays with storage compartments beneath, tool holders and a built-in foil dispenser.

Bayalage color tray for hair salons with multiple bowls, bowl holders, tool holders and a large central compartment in the color-proof plastic tray

Our Italian-made Bayalage Color Trolley is stain-proof with 5 removable mixing bowls, multiple tool holders and lightweight-yet-durable construction (comes in Cappuccino or Black).

top view of salon color tray with wipe-off transclucent work surface, 3 bowls, hot tool mat and bottom shelf with trash bin

Our innovative Write-And-Wipe Hair Coloring Cart makes it easy to label and erase so you never mix up your bowls! Also features a hot tool mat and built-in trash bin.

mobile color trolley for hair salon with 4 mixing bowle, foil dispenser and built-in trash compartment

Discover unbeatable value with the Italian-made Minerva Mobile Color Trolley: it’s color proof (even the white version!) and has 4 mixing bowls plus a built-in waste bin & foil dispenser - plus it went viral on TikTok!

salon station with Italian-made hair color trolley with multiple drawers, bowl holders, accessory baskets, slim wheels and large work surface

Our Italian-made Elogy Mobile Stylist Color Cart has 2 dual bowl holders, 2 removable accessory baskets (plus optional aluminum accessory holder), 6 drawers and a large collapsible work surface on top. It’s also color-proof and comes in 5 different colors.

Shop all color trays and carts, and explore our hair coloring tools and salon chair covers to complete your setup!

Choosing the Best Salon Service Tray

Rolling salon trays are the ultimate stylist sidekick, providing a helpful and hygienic work surface wherever you need it.

Keep an eye out for these features when picking a service tray for your salon, suite or station:

  • Height: You’ll be reaching for it often, so make sure the tray height is comfortable (or adjustable)
  • Tray size & shape: Find the right fit for the specific tools and supplies you need it for
  • Footprint: The base needs to be stable without blocking foot traffic, and store away neatly
  • Mobility: Look for smooth-gliding wheels or casters that move easily
  • Finish: Choose a color and texture that complements your overall decor
four adjustable-height aluminum hair salon service trays along a wall and four collapsible service trays with 2 trays each lined up along a wall behind styling chairs

Our Aluminum Mobile Service Tray (background) is a steal at just $69, with a removable rectangular tray, adjustable height and sturdy construction (our Kato collapsible service tray in stainless steel is seen in the foreground).

adjustable height hair salon service tray with fine combs around the work surface designed for stylists working with hair extensions

Our adjustable-height Rapunzel Hair Extension Salon Service Tray has a large work surface edged with fine, professional-grade combs to keep hair extension bundles from getting tangled.

salon station with mobile black folding service tray, black leather and wood grain styling chair and round mirror

Our Fold-A-Way Mobile Service Tray fits easily in tight spaces, folds down to an ultra-slim profile when not in use, and offers a square textured work top.

four black metal mobile salon service trays folded down and stored along the wall in a hair salon

Our Watson Salon Service Tray comes in brushed gold, stainless steel or black, with outward-facing wheeled base for streamlined storage against a wall. The collapsible tray has a handle and cushioned vinyl backing.

stainless steel mobile salon service tray with two large rectangular trays holding salon products

Our Kato Mobile Service Tray features two large collapsible trays, complete with cushioned vinyl backing and handle. It has an outward-facing wheeled base for easy storage, and comes in brushed gold, stainless steel or black.

salon station with round gold mobile service tray, tan colored styling chairs and large ornate floor-standing mirrors with gold frames

Our Granger Salon Service Tray has a round collapsible tray with a cushioned vinyl backing and a handle. Available in brushed gold, stainless steel or black.

Eco-Friendly Salon Carts & Trolleys

If you want to make your hair salon more sustainable, choosing an eco-friendly salon cart is a great place to start:

environmentally-friendly mobile salon trolley with large compartments made from white recycled plastic

Every bit as versatile as the original, our Eco-Friendly Beauty Case Trolley is the perfect multipurpose salon trolley, made in Italy from color proof 99% recycled plastic.

environmentally-friendly mobile hair color trolley made from 99% recycled white plastic

Our Eco-Friendly Mobile Color Trolley is made from 99% recycled plastic, color proof and equipped with all the functional features colorists need.

eco-friendly wheeled salon trolley with six drawers, side compartments and large work surface made form 99% recycled white plastic

Our Eco-Friendly Elogy Mobile Stylist Color Cart is ideal for stylists and colorists, offering ample storage, tool and bowl holders, and color-proof material made from 99% recycled plastic.

Living Earth Crafts salon equipment is made in the USA, using earth-friendly materials and manufacturing processes.

sustainably made white mobile salon cart with 2 drawers, large open shelf, pull-out slim shelf and open work surface

The Living Earth Crafts Alpha 2 Trolley features 2 storage drawers, a slide-out shelf and large work surface, this smooth-rolling cart also comes in 3 different colors.

sustainably made black mobile salon cart with three drawers, open shelf and large work surface

The Living Earth Crafts Alpha 3 Trolley has 3 storage drawers, a large open shelf, a large work surface with 3 raised edges and smooth rolling casters - 3 colors available.

sustainably made woodgrain laminate salon trolley with hidden wheels, 2 drawers, open shelf and heat-proof top

The Living Earth Crafts Parker Trolley has a classic design (available in 4 colors) with a heat-proof work surface, 2 large soft-close drawers, large open shelf, surge-protected power strip and smooth-rolling casters.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Cart, Trolley or Tray

Use these pointers to pick out the best mobile equipment for your salon:

  • Coordinate your cart, trolley or tray with the aesthetics of your styling station and chair for a cohesive look
  • Measure your space and look at equipment dimensions to make sure the size is a good fit
  • Ask your stylists which features they value most in a salon trolley or tray, and what they like or dislike about the equipment they have now
  • Dig into the details: read the product description and reviews, look at all the images and videos, and check out the specs and warranty info
  • Invest in professional grade: buying high-quality salon carts delivers more value because it saves you time and money in the long run

Benefits of Minerva Beauty Salon Trolleys

Salon carts, trolleys and trays from Minerva Beauty come with key advantages:

  • All products are backed by a manufacturer’s warranty
  • We have extensive on-hand inventory and can ship most orders the same day
  • We use only trusted, top-tier shipping providers so delivery goes as smoothly as possible
  • Minerva Beauty brand products arrive with only minimal assembly required
  • Our customer service team is ready to help you with selection, installation and repair questions (and we don’t work on commission)
  • We offer simple financing options with the lowest interest rates possible

Shop all salon carts and trolleys online, or contact our customer service team for expert help!

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