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Zodiac Salon Interior Design: Gemini Season

Zodiac Salon Interior Design: Gemini Season

Today, we leave behind the down-to-earth and hard-working sign of Taurus and enter the sociable, adventurous, expressive, and youthful season of Gemini. Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, this open-minded sign moves at the speed of light and lives an active lifestyle led by their curious, imaginative, and inquisitive nature. Symbolized by the twins, Gemini’s are masters of mimicry and expressions and embrace dualism, strangeness, originality, and constant stimulation in every aspect of their life – especially when it comes to their personal style and interior design.

An ideal salon space for a Gemini features an open floorplan designed with décor that exudes imagination, whimsy, and excitement to constantly stimulate this hyper-cerebral sign. Exotic plants, bright and crazy wall murals, unusual trinkets that invite lively conversations, and any décor item that represents schools of thought like an eclectic bookshelf, puzzles in the salon’s waiting area, and riddles hidden throughout the interior design can all be found in a Gemini-styled salon. As previously mentioned, dualism is key for this twin sign, so whatever you do, do it in pairs. Double doors leading into the salon’s reception area, side-by-side matching styling chairs paired with identical salon mirrors, dual shampoo systems with salon plants mirrored on both sides, and to avoid the repetitiveness from looking dull, disguise the salon interior with plenty of patterns and bright, ideally springtime, colors including Gemini’s power colors of yellow and green alongside vibrant pinks, blues, and purples.

A Gemini-style salon should amuse, stimulate, inspire, and quite literally feel alive the moment you walk in. Abstract arts, electrifying colors, and salon furnishings and décor with sharp edges, straight lines, and geometric design are a few things you may find when venturing into this clever sign’s salon oasis. Check out a few salons we’ve found below that capture the expressive and energetic vibe of Gemini.

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