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Trending Color For Salon Interiors: Sunflower Yellow

Trending Color For Salon Interiors: Sunflower Yellow

Embracing the new movements in color, Minerva boldly introduces new enticing hues for a variety of Italian-made salon chairs in their Bella Vita Collection, including the Lydia, Emma, Sophia, and Tosca Salon Styling Chairs. Among the vibrant, springtime chair color options are Sunflower, Dusty Rose, and Forest Green.

All of these fresh colors pair well with dynamic ocean tones, rattan décor elements, and other top trending styles mentioned in the 2023 Salon Interior Design Trends piece. Now that Spring has made its way to us, let’s look at the Sunflower chair color option and explore ways to incorporate this trending color into your salon’s interior design.

Bring sunshine vibes to your salon space with the new, bright yellow Sunflower salon chair color option. In the mood board above, the Sunflower color is showcased on the sophisticated Emma Salon Styling Chair, and the ergonomically appealing Lydia Salon Styling Chair. To introduce these bold moves and bright hues to a hair salon’s interior design, referencing the 60 -30-10 rule is a great place to start. You can look at composing and styling your salon space with 3-4 colors, where there is a dominant color (60%), a secondary at 30% or 20% and an accent at 10% or 20%.

Yellow tones can be incorporated in your salon’s style as an accent (10%-20%) in pillow patterns propped on your shampoo systems, a decorative vase of sunflowers or yellow daisies displayed on a stylist’s station, a statement wall in your salon, and product lines carried by your salon showcased on your retail display. Provided below are some examples of salons using yellow accents throughout their space, and with the addition of a Sunflower colored styling chair, yellow would go from being an accent color to a secondary color in these salons.


As a secondary color in your space (20%-30%), yellow should make a statement in your salon furnishings, and Minerva’s selection of Italian-made styling chairs available in the color Sunflower is the perfect way to do this.

For example in the sitting area pictured above, the color yellow is the secondary color in this space’s interior design (20%-30%).Think about the placement of the pop and decide how much of this color your salon interior can commit to.
A perfect compliment to the Sunflower chair color option is a salon space with an ocean hues color palette - currently trending in the world of salon and spa interior design. This can be used more volumetrically to set a nice canvas to juxtapose the sunflower against.

Trending salon interior design styles we’ve recently discussed and explored on our blog, including Grandmillennial and Cottagecore, are perfect when composing a complimentary salon setting to introduce Minerva’s styling chairs in the bold and bright Sunflower color option.

The nature of a salon space is to have a concentration of mirrors. Salon mirrors can create an infinity effect as well which multiplies color.

The mirror effects can change the percentage of the color you are putting in your space.
If you want to expand on your neutral colors to make accents pop more, you can look at salon stations with full length mirrors like the Genesis.

With the introduction of this ray of sunshine line, you can refresh your salon mindfully and support an uplifting environment. Keep looking to Minerva to turn up the appeal of your salon. We will be looking at dusty rose and forest green color ways soon.

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