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Embracing the Cottagecore Trend: Inspiration for Your Salon Interior Design

Embracing the Cottagecore Trend: Inspiration for Your Salon Interior Design

The Core of the Cottagecore Lifestyle

With all the recent buzz around the English Monarchy and extended family, some of the English traditions, fashion cultures, and interior design styles have made their way across the pond in the form of a rural bliss lifestyle. The complexity of people’s lives and schedules are translating into the need for simplicity in some aspect of life. Cottagecore is a favored interior and lifestyle movement that is inspired by a romanticized idea of a simpler, rural life, and is influenced by the English countryside. Making life seem slower by baking bread, knitting for a loved one, or gardening is embracing a cottagecore lifestyle. At first glance this cottagecore may seem similar to Grand Millennial Style, it is distinct by the rustic appeal and celebration of nature at its very “core”. Translating this slow and artful way into the built surroundings, one can incorporate key trademarks into their spaces to achieve the style. This design style is marked with natural materials that have imperfections like raw or textured woods, and stones. Dried foliage and botanical artwork along with woven fabrics and accessories add warmth to spaces. Earth tones and pastels create appealing color palettes. Anything that looks like it is artisan created such as hand made pottery, lace doilies, and decorative birdcages grace these cozy, warming spaces.

Since people slow down in their days at salons, the cottagecore aesthetic has become an overwhelmingly popular interior design trend in hair salons, barbershops, and spas. From the constant chatter among hair stylists and clients to the daylong roar of multiple blow dryers in use at once, a hair salon is known to be a loud, busy, and rather high-stress environment. Salon owners, hairdressers, and beauty professionals have not only learned to embrace and adapt to the hectic salon lifestyle but have also discovered ways to find peace and balance among the hustle and bustle through interior design. Cottagecore embodies a slowed down way of life and the style is one that evokes relaxation and harmony, making it a very sought after aesthetic in the world of salon interior design. Continue reading to learn how to achieve the cottage core interior style in your salon as well as browse lifestyle pictures of Minerva salons that have perfected this interior design trend.

Embracing Woods & Stones That are Rich & Raw Supports the Cottagecore Aesthetic

This hair salon housed its flexible track lighting in beautiful wood beams to add layers and interest to the ceiling. The Kona Salon Styling Chair fits perfectly in a cottagecore setting with its molded wooden chair backs adding detail to the black leather upholstery. In addition to all the plant life, the crocheted hanging planter supports the crafty element in the space.

If you want to warm up your salon space with wooden elements to embrace the cottagecore interior aesthetic, look no further than Minerva’s Reclaimed Series - a collection of styling stations, retail displays, reception desks and manicure tables that combine craftsmanship with eco-friendly designs featuring centuries old reclaimed woods, hammered zinc countertops and hand-sculpted iron frames.

Here you see the compact, space-saving Cherokee Styling Station that mounts against the wall.
The Natchez Styling Station can move with your stylists and can house appliances that are needed.
The Vantage Salon Styling Chairs nestle nicely against all the Reclaimed Series Lakota Double Sided Styling Stations and Seminole Retail Displays. The interjected plants just complete this hair salon’s cottagecore feel.
The featured scrap wood wall sets up a nice backdrop to the Reclaimed Series Seminole Retail Display. The Avery Shampoo System in camel with white sinks add curvy lines to compliment the space.
Zoning in this salon is accomplished with a rustic wooden screen wall adorned with plants dividing the space while adding texture. Lakota Single Sided Styling Stations paired with black Evora Salon Chairs complete this salon’s cozy, cottagecore interior design.

Varied natural stones add to the ambiance of rustic and can be introduced as a feature wall or treatment to create some interest in the salon space in an unassuming way.

Celebrating Botanical Arts

Celebrating botanical arts by adding plants and elements from nature to your salon space is a great, affordable way to achieve the relaxing and whimsical cottagecore aesthetic. The plant life in all three of the examples below captures the comforts found in nature especially when it enters the built environment.

The hydrangea arrangements adorn the fireplace nook complimenting all the plant life artwork calling to our nature gravitating souls.
The collection of floral framed bouquets and tea cups create a whimsical display with a human hand.
The hanging plant life above the styling stations dampens the noise of blow dryers while giving customers something to view and get lost in.

Salons have used botanical highlights to add interest and function to their spaces upholding a flair for the cottagecore.

In this Minerva client hair spa, the shampoo lounge is flanked with natural toned planter boxes that grounds the space and cleans the air.
The artfully arranged foliage on the ceiling in this shampoo setting adds color and texture while giving an opportunity to the client to sit back and relax while being pampered.

Pastel and Earth Tones

Color is a simple and impactful way to incorporate a new aesthetic to your hair salon space. In the trending cottagecore movement, pastels are prominent. Dusty pinks, uplifting creams, and cooling mint all favor the cottagecore color palettes. Minerva offers salon chairs with body curving lines to hug your clients in comfort while lifting their spirits in color.

The Emma Salon Chair is offered in dusty pink which cheerfully graces styling zones.
Cottagecore colors continue in the salon with the Tosca Salon Chair in Dusty Rose. The lines of this chair are more undulating which can appeal to certain looks.
This styling zone is drawing people in with creamy blush toned walls and faux brick wallcovering to ground the cheerfully rose adorned round mirror. The Avant Salon Styling Chair in camel supports any client in all the right spots to settle in during their treatment.
The shampoo zone has a quintessential botanical wallcovering with blush pinks to lift the space into the joy and whimsical nature of the cottagecore salon aesthetic.
As you may have a salon customer waiting in between treatments, why not add a plush blush colored accent chair to liven up the color palette in order to achieve the cottagecore look?

The subtle ways we can tone down stress is to create an ambiance of slow and cozy. The cottagecore aesthetic gives us a chance to embrace an earth loving, slow, and natural environment in the hair salon. Textured rustic woods and stones provide refuge and warmth to salon interiors. Floral arrangements and botanical arts provide a symbol of nature that man crafted. Pastel and pale colors create a serene palette that can easily grace any hair salon’s interior into the cottagecore trend.

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