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J&A Pacific GT Pedicure Spa

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This upgrade only includes piping and inlets. Any real ventilation (forced air) that is required or desired must be properly installed by a licensed air specialist.

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The new, streamlined Pacific GT Pedicure Spa brings the style, comfort, safety and durability nail techs and every spa professional alike can depend on from the trusted J&A brand. A luxurious, padded Shiatsu massage leather chair (with built-in remote and USB charging port) mounted to a durable, crack-resistant acrylic base equipped with an LED lighted pedicure bowl, the Pacific GT has several well-conceived features that add to an ideal spa experience. Top-of-the-line pedicure chair features incorporated into the Pacific GT's compact and sophisticated design include electronic recline and slide spa controls with a 2nd remote on the base for the technician's ease, adjustable footrest for pedicure precision, discrete pull-out showerhead, and foldable arm trays with cup holders. Fulfill all your nail salon and spa needs with a pedicure chair that ensures the highest quality experience for both the client and the technician with the Pacific GT.

  • Shiatsu Massage Leather Chair with Built-in Remote and USB Charging Port.
  • Spa Controls Electronic Recline and Slide 2nd Remote on Base for Technician's Ease.
  • Replaceable Leather Chair Covers for Routine Spa Refresh.
  • Foldable Arm Trays with Cup Holders.
  • Adjustable Footrest for Pedicure Precision.
  • Discrete Pull-out Showerhead.
  • Crack-resistant Beautiful, Hi-Performance Foot Tubs.
  • LED Light in Bowl and Durable Acrylic Base
  • Compact and Sophisticated Design
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