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J&A Petra G5 Pedicure Spa

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This upgrade only includes piping and inlets. Any real ventilation (forced air) that is required or desired must be properly installed by a licensed air specialist.

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The J&A Petra GX Pedicure Spa with Glass Bowl combines form, function, and style along with first-string engineering, making this pedicure spa both a dependable and striking piece for any salon or spa setting. The Petra GX features a beautifully detailed diamond quilted chair top, a modern base with a glimmering glass bowl and sleek cherry wood arms with extending manicure trays and cup holders. This pedicure spa features a relaxing remote controlled shiatsu massage and is equipped with a modern USB charging port so your clients can charge their electronics while enjoying their service. The J&A Petra GX Pedicure spa truly stands out among the rest with its style, functionality, and overall exquisite design.


  • Infiniti Pipeless Whirlpool
  • Power Recline And Slide
  • Adjustable Foot Rest
  • Built-in USB Charging Port
  • Full Function Shiatsu Massage
  • Multicolor LED Lighting In Bowl
  • Manicure Trays With Cup Holders
  • Dual Function Sprayer – 2 Spray Settings
  • Remote Control To Personalize Shiatsu Massage Experience
  • Side Tray with Cup Holder


  • Measurements: 54" L x 31.75" W x 56.25" H
  • Weight: 300 lbs.
  • Tub Capacity: 4 US Gallons
  • Glass Bowl: Yes
  • Operation Switch: On/Off Air Activated Switch
  • Power Source: 110V, 15Amp, 60HZ with Dedicated Outlet
  • Drain Connection: P-Trap Pre-installed with 1.5" PVC Pipe
  • Plumbing Source: Hot & Cold Water 0.5" Fitting
  • Whirlpool Pump Motor: 120 VAC 60HZ; 1.2A; 55W
  • Discharge Pump Motor (Optional): 10V, 5.5Amp 60Hz
  • Certification: UL Approved
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