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Spa Interior Design Trends

spa interior design trends

Going to the spa gives people a chance to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life to unwind, relax and rejuvenate. The moment your client walks in, they want to leave their worries at the door and enter an atmosphere of complete tranquility and peace, which is why the interior design of every spa and wellness space is so important. These interior design trends have made their way into the spa industry scene, making them must-have elements for any modern spa. Keep your spa business fresh and relevant, and cultivate the relaxing atmosphere client’s crave by incorporating these spa interior design trends into your aesthetic.

Green and Sustainable:

Green is reigning supreme in the world of spa interior design as well as in everyday life. Nature-led colors on wall coverings and furniture with splashes of plant décor is key in spa interiors. From deep emeralds and sage to oceanic-inspired shades on the green/blue spectrum, mixing a variety of greens to create an organic story is very popular. If you're not thrilled with the idea of painting your walls green, you can still participate in the trend by adding a few leafy palms or succulents, as house plants are continuing to thrive as décor in the upcoming year. For more spa plant inspiration, check out our post 10 Salon Plants to Liven Up Your Space.

Going green with not only your décor, but your spa business practices as well is a trend you definitely want your spa a part of. Spa owners and wellness professionals are taking the initiative to minimize their environmental footprint and improve their green business practices. Discover easy ways to make your spa more sustainable in terms of decor, products and much more.

Green Spa Trend

White Walls:

Elements that denote bright, airy, and calming are major trends for all types of spas. White-on-white with sleek lines and soft textures is the perfect blank canvas to add to any design style. Gray walls took the spotlight as a trendy wall color for a while, but the modern spa interior will be all about monochromatic white. There are plenty of shades to choose from, so whether you prefer warm or cool tones, white will make your interior look clean and calm. Plus, as a bonus, it can make low-light spaces appear larger and more welcoming.

Minerva Beauty has a great selection of white massage tables, esthetician equipment, pedicure chairs, manicure tables and more. Shop our spa furniture and equipment to help bring your white-on-white look to life. If white walls aren’t your cup of tea, check out our blog post featuring 10 trendy paint colors to find another on-trend wall color that speaks to you!

White Walls Spa Trend

Cozy and Comfortable:

Another interior design trend spotted in spas is using cozy and comfortable décor to create that ‘home away from home’ feeling. Give your spa a welcoming interior with neutral tones, comfortable spa equipment, and ambient soft lighting. Couple the natural tones with a subtle yet serene pop of green by sprinkling in house plants throughout your space.

Turn your spa into the ultimate home away from home by shopping Minerva Beauty’s vast selection of comfortable and stylish massage tables, facial beds, pedicure chairs, and more. Along with cozy furnishings, make sure to create the perfect ambiance with calm and soft lighting. Check out Minerva’s collection of spa lighting options by browsing dimmable mirrors with LED lighting, energy-saving floor/task lamps, high-definition LED bulbs and more.

Cozy Spa Trend

French Country:

French country is a sought after, timeless style that has made its way into the spa interior design trends we're seeing currently. French country is a design style inspired by none other than the actual French countryside, specifically Provence. French interiors can be over-the-top and extremely ornate, but Provencal homes are more relaxed, distressed, and subdued. Creating a balance between natural and elegant, French country interiors are famous for their soft and feminine appearance. French Country is characterized by finishes like exposed wood, natural stone, ornate wallpaper, patterned fabrics, and material with a weathered appearance. For color schemes, think light and airy with a palette consisting of neutrals like cream, ivory, and beige offset by an array of soft pastels.

Minerva’s Signature Series Collection provides casual elegance at its finest. Achieve soothing, French Country style by browsing this collection of styling stations and mirrors. Our Reclaimed Wood Collection lends itself to both the French Country design trend as well as the sustainability trend in interior design, with furniture made from eco-friendly reclaimed wood.

French Country Spa interior design Trend

No matter how long you've owned your spa, it's always smart to consider different ways you can to update your massage practice, skin care practice, med spa, or nail spa. Whether a fresh coat of white paint, adding in some greenery, or adopting a cozy French country look—consider some of these interior design trends to get ahead of the game and be the freshest spa out there.

When coordinating your spa's interior design, don't forget about your treatment rooms! Explore different esthetician room ideas and create beautiful and relaxing spaces your guests will want to return to.

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