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How to Open a Med Spa

Patient receiving lip injection at a medical spa that just started

Injectable dermal fillers for lips & cheeks are popular at medical spas. (Photo by Focus and Blur)

If you’re planning to open a med spa, there are probably a million things on your to-do list. At Minerva Beauty, we understand the need to make sure every box is checked. That is why we have created this guide that will show you how to open your med spa, the equipment you will need to purchase, qualifications you need to have and our must-have must-have esthetician supplies list to shop from. 

In this article, we will walk you through all of the steps of opening a med spa so that you feel prepared. When you’re shopping for esthetician equipment, you can count on Minerva Beauty to fulfill your equipment needs, as well as provide you with the resources and insights you need on opening and running your med spa. 

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Different Kinds of Med Spas 

There are many different kinds of med spas, but the most common are aesthetic spas, medical aesthetic spas and plastic surgery clinics. It’s important to be very specific about the kind of spa you plan to open so you can make sure you have all of the qualifications and meet the legal requirements to own and operate these spas. Each type of med spa may also require different kinds of equipment, which is important to keep in mind when purchasing spa furniture.

opening a med spa treatment room with white facial chair, rolling carts and LED lamp
Timeless white spa furniture & equipment feels light, modern and clean

Qualifications Needed to Open a Med Spa 

If you’re wondering whether or not you meet the qualifications needed to open a med spa, know that each state and region has a different set of rules, depending on which kind of med spa you plan to open. However, some of the biggest non-negotiable qualifications are that the med spa owner needs to be a physician or medical professional with experience in medical spas. Most states require a licensed physician to open a medical spa, but in some states a nurse or PA can open a med spa by partnering with a physician. 

nurse practitioner providing facial treatment to a client in a new medical spa on opening day
Medical estheticians need training & licensing to perform treatments like laser therapy (Photo by thoughtsofjoyce)

How to Open a Med Spa 

Now that you have done some due diligence on the kind of spa you want to own and the qualifications needed, you can follow the steps in this checklist to successfully launch your med spa business. 

Create a Business Plan for Your Medical Spa 

Creating a business plan is a necessary first step when it comes to opening a medical spa. As you dive more into the legal requirements and the process of securing funding, you will need to show a business plan and demonstrate how you will open your spa. Hiring a business consultant can help you get started in the most efficient and profitable way.

Obtain Certifications & Licenses

Medical spas need to have certifications and licenses to operate legally. We highly recommend researching local regulations and rules and consulting a legal professional to ensure you open your med spa the right way. 

Find the Perfect Space 

Once you have your legal processes complete, it’s time to shop for the perfect space for your spa. You will need to prioritize locations that allow you to have enough space for your clients and people to feel comfortable. It’s important to have an idea of how big your space is before you begin shopping for medical spa equipment and furniture.  Once you've found a location, research esthetician room ideas and plan a cohesive interior design promoting relaxation as well as your brand.

Invest in Quality Med Spa Equipment 

Depending on the services your med spa will offer, you will need to fill your space with the type of high-quality equipment that clients expect. Here is a list of med spa supplies to shop for: 

Use our guide to learn how to choose the best professional facial machines for your med spa.

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Hire Qualified Staff

Once you have the space and the equipment, it’s time to start hiring skilled and experienced professionals. For medical spas, there may be specific requirements for staff needed to legally operate the business. Make sure to keep your state and city's legal requirements in mind throughout the hiring process. Examples of medical spa positions to fill include nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, medical estheticians, medical spa manager and reception staff.

Develop Your Services 

As you prepare to open your medical spa, decide which services you will launch with. You can find ways to differentiate your med spa by conducting a market analysis to see which services your competitors are offering. It may be smart to launch with a few services and solicit feedback throughout your first few weeks or months in business to identify which services your company can expand into. 

Build Your Digital Presence & Marketing Strategy 

A critical part of launching and running your med spa successfully is the digital presence you build online. You will need to set your med spa up on social media platforms like Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), Facebook, Pinterest and TikTok, as well as create an informative website. Since medical spa services are provided to local clients, you should also create and optimize your free business listing on Google and other search engines. These platforms can help you attract new clients searching for med spas online. 

At Minerva Beauty, we know that opening a business is no easy feat, but we hope this article has provided you with some guidance to get you started. Check out our guide to opening a spa for even more ideas! 

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